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Write a composition describing the changes that you observed in yourself as compared to your childhood. Which among these are positive and which you would like to remain the same?

Changes that you observed in yourself as compared to your childhood Change is an inevitable aspect of life - the law of nature. It is a force that shapes and moulds our lives. From the moment we enter this world as wide-eyed children to the complex beings we become in adulthood, our journey is marked by a series of transformations. These changes - whether they are subtle or profound - play a pivotal role in defining our identity and shaping how we navigate the world around us. The changes which we go through during our lifetime develop us mentally, physically, and emotionally. It influences our perspectives, personality, and response to the various challenges presented by life. I am no exception to this crucial rule of nature. During my lifetime, I have gone through several changes. Some changes were positives, while others were negatives; some left a massive impact on me, and some were too subtle to notice. One of the prominent changes which I went through was to open up to everyone.

10 Descriptive Essays topics for my new book

10 Descriptive Essays topics for my new book The View from My Window: Describe the panorama that unfolds before you every morning. Is it a bustling cityscape, a serene countryside vista, or something in between? Capture the sights, sounds, and even smells that make this view unique. The Aroma of Home: Evoke the comforting scent that instantly transports you back to childhood memories. Is it freshly baked cookies, Grandma's perfume, or the damp earth after a spring rain? Describe the emotions and associations triggered by this olfactory experience. The Symphony of the City: Paint a picture of the urban soundscape in all its chaotic harmony. Honking horns, chattering crowds, and distant sirens weave together to create a unique rhythm of city life. Use vivid language to bring this auditory experience to life. The Tactile Memory: Recall an object with a distinct texture that evokes powerful memories. Is it a well-worn teddy bear, a smooth pebble from your favorite beach, or the rough b

Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony: PM Modi Completes Rituals

  Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony: PM Modi Completes Rituals Today, 22nd January 2024 is the day when the long-awaited Ram Mandir was set to be inaugurated in the Lord Ram's capital, Ayodhya. The temple holds emotional value for millions of Hindus residing in and outside India.  The magnificent temple has the idol of 5-year-old Lord Ram residing in its sanctum sanctorum. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today arrived at Ayodhya to lead the Pran Pratishtha of the temple which is the result of a 50-year-long struggle of his party, the BJP.  Back in 1991, PM Modi vowed to set foot on the sacred lands of Ayodhya again only when the construction of Ram Mandir will begin. The PM kept his word.  Today is a very important day for Hindus all over the world as Lord Ram will reside in his capital again after almost 500 years.  The previous Ram Mandir which was built on the land where Lord Ram was born, was demolished by Mir Baqi, commander of the Mughal emperor, Babur on the order of the

OpenAI removes the prevention of military use of its tools from Term of Service

OpenAI removes the prevention of military use of its tools from Term of Service Many people have been worried about the safety concerns that Artificial Intelligence and modern technologies pose to human society. We have thousands of movies about how AI and humanoid robots take over the world and make humans their slaves. There is also a popular thought experiment dedicated to it. It is known as Roko's basilisk. "Roko's Basilisk is a thought experiment which states that an otherwise benevolent artificial superintelligence (AI) in the future would be incentivized to create a virtual reality simulation to torture anyone who knew of its potential existence but did not directly contribute to its advancement or development, to incentivize said advancement." These are mere speculation, and at the current period and in the next decade, we will have a technology that will endanger our existence. But, I fear what I just said would be proven wrong if we keep ignoring the necessi

Israeli PM openly rejects for Palestinian state

  Israeli PM openly rejects a Palestinian state Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he has told the United States that he opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state once the conflict in Gaza comes to an end. In a news conference, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to carry on the military offensive in Gaza until complete victory is not achieved. He also repeated his goals of destroying Hamas and bringing back the Israeli hostages from Gaza. He also added that the military offense will continue for many more months. The health ministry in Gaza, which is run by Hamas, claimed that almost 25,000 people in Gaza have died and more than 85% of the population in the Gaza Strip has been displaced.  Speaking to reporters following Mr Netanyahu's latest comments, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby recognised that the US and Israel "obviously" see things differently. Earlier on Thursday, Mr Netanyahu said Israel must have security co

Pakistan retaliation strikes killed 9 people in Iran

  Pakistan retaliation strikes killed 9 people in Iran Pakistan's retaliatory missile attacks killed 9 people in Iran. Iran carried out missile attacks on Pakistan on Tuesday. Pakistan said that its missiles have attacked Iran's south-eastern Sistan-Baluchestan province. Iran has condemned this unexpected attack and expressed its dissatisfaction. Iran also added that the attack killed three women, two men, and four children who were not Iranian. The retaliatory missile attacks come at a time when tension is high and conflicts are getting worse in the Middle East.  Iran backed several militant groups fighting against the Western powers and Israel. Israel is engaged in Gaza, fighting with Hamas. The Israel-Hamas war has crossed over 100 days. Israel is also getting attacked by Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon and US and UK naval forces are fighting Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen who are disrupting trade routes through the Red Sea. Pakistani foreign ministry said its strikes around

Russia declares popular author Boris Akunin "foreign agent"

  Russia declares popular author Boris Akunin a "foreign agent" The Russian Federation has declared Boris Akunin, one of the top authors and novelists in Russia as a foreign agent. The Russian Justice Ministry said in a statement that Mr. Akunin - whose real name is Grigory Chkhartishvili - "opposed the special military operation in Ukraine". Boris Akunin was added to a register of "terrorists and extremists" by Russia's justice ministry over his objections to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Boris is currently 67 years old and he is one of the most famous authors in Russia and also a bestseller. He has previously made headlines for his criticism of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The ministry added that Mr Akunin had "disseminated false information aimed at creating a negative image" of Russia and its army. It also accused him of helping to raise funds to support the Ukrainian military. On the day Russia launched its full-scale invasi

Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1

Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1 Our world is full of problems. People have stress, depression, and anxiety. Some smoke to get temporal relief, some take the help of liquor, while others hold their head and cry quietly as they realize how weak they are and their incapability to change their situation even in the slightest.  But there exists a world, on a different planet far from here. Humans estimated it to be thousands of light years.  This new world is unique. The concept of sadness, fear, or anger is unknown to them. Humans cannot explain the simple psychology of the people of this land. Humans call this land, Paradise and the people, Paradisans. Paradisans are perfect being who lives for eternity, they never die thus, they also don't need to reproduce. Any illness that may be fatal to humans is nothing for them. They are said to have eternal youth and intelligence unparalleled to human comprehension.  According to legends, God when created the universe and thousands of galaxies i

Chemistry PreBoards Exam Tomorrow

  Chemistry Ch 12E Alcohols Tomorrow on 4th January 2024 I have my chemistry pre-board examinations. In the 2nd terminal, I performed far below expectations, but this time I have made sure that is not going to happen.  I have practiced numerals, done all the mole concepts, and also memorized the values and the important formulas. My preparation is going quite well and I have aimed to try to score full marks this time.  I am currently doing the Organic Chemistry part E, Alcohols.  I have remembered all the preparations, and the names of the processes used and I am quite confident that I can make the reactions on my own so I am not memorizing them.  It is 9:08 pm at the time of writing and I have only the theory part left to complete which I am gonna complete before sleeping.  After Chemistry I have biology and then English Literature.  I will not be able to post anything for these 3 days on the site.  I also wasn't able to get time to post a new year article.  I have decided to main