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One word Essay: Adventure

One word Essay: Adventure The word adventure, which suddenly cause one to feel excited, upon hearing usually describes an experience or an activity which is particularly dangerous or filled with excitement. It is one of many English words whose dictionary definition does not hold true for everyone as every individual has a particular hobby or memory which they call adventurous. For some hiking on a mountain may be adventurous, and for others taking part in dangerous activities and games might be adventurous. Some people might find it interesting to hear the adventure of others rather than going on one themselves while others would like to have an adventurous time through the perspective of someone else like in movies. Adventures makes our life interesting and joyful. It is very hard to live each day following the same schedule. Adventures helps to bring a change of pace to our initially dull and unvaried life. Whether it is going out for fishing by the lakeside or playing video games w

If you could jump into the world of any book and spend a day with the characters, which book it would be and what character would you want to hang out with?

If you could jump into the world of any book and spend a day with the characters, which book it would be and what character would you want to hang out with? Books are one of the greatest products that humanity has ever created by incorporating their intelligence and creativity. Books are not only a source of vast knowledge in our hands, but they also provide entertainment. There are various types and genres of books available on the market. Whether it is the fiction books or the non-fiction ones, it is the skills and style of the author that makes the reading interesting and often productive too. Books have always been regarded as the key that open the gates to wonders and fantasy in the minds of children as well as adults. When someone picks up a well written book, then age becomes a number in actual ways as old as well as young experience the same joy and feels the same ecstasy. There are uncountable books to choose from, but the one I like the most is “400 Days” by Chetan Bhagat. Th

The Graph of understanding and learning

The Graph of understanding and learning Learning can be fun for some students while some may also find it tiring. But it does not really matter, since we are supposed to develop the habit to learn new things so that we do not find ourselves stuck in the future. At first, I was also disinterested in studying, but it did not take me long to realize how learning new topics and subjects can actually be fun and useful too.  In this article, I will mainly talk about my experience during the tenth grade when I was preparing for the ICSE 2024 Board Exams. When I look back at my journey of study, I can make out a key observation. It was that if you are taught a new topic, you should not expect to fully understand it in one go. Well, there are a few exceptions, but most students find themselves utterly defeated when they face a new concept or topic. At these times, we should know that it is the natural reaction. We should always push ourselves to read the topic again and again till we finally ge