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Image will not publish new articles for the next few months or publish very few If you are a regular reader of the site (for that I am very grateful to you), you might have noticed that I am not publishing any new articles nowadays or publishing very few.  As you know, I am a student and I have to manage my studies along with running this site/publication. I have my ICSE Pre-Boards from the 16th of December 2023 and in February of next year I will appear for my Std. 10 Boards Examinations. As you might have guessed, I have a lot of study pressure right now, and publishing here along with all the studies is a pretty difficult task. I have my Progress Report Day tomorrow (commonly known as Report Card Day or Parent and Teacher's Meeting). I will write separately about that tomorrow. I have lots of posts in the queue to write and publish and some are in drafts too, but on 16th of December next month I have my Maths exam so I have to prepare for that and because of that I a

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In the digital age, the first impression often counts as the last. In a world inundated with information and an overwhelming number of websites, the visual aesthetics of a platform play a pivotal role in captivating and retaining the interest of readers. At, we understand the significance of this, and we take immense pride in introducing you to the heart and soul of our content - our default post cover. A Canvas of Creativity The default post cover on is far from being just another visual element; it is a canvas that encapsulates the essence of our platform. As the gateway to each article, it carries the responsibility of offering a glimpse into the substance and character of our content. This image, carefully selected and designed, serves as an invitation, a preview of the journey you are about to embark upon. Design Philosophy Our default post cover isn't an arbitrary or haphazardly chosen image. Instead, it is the result of a meticulous design pro

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Hello, Welcome to! is the site to get all the latest news, tech updates, opinions and more. This website also publishes essays, stories and programming articles regularly. New articles are published twice a week and guest authors also make appearances. I am also starting a new series on this site where I will publish interviews on this website. Here is a list of things you can find on the site, but note I am going to publish more than just mention here. Article: Regular 800-2000 word articles on various topics like current affairs, international affairs and tech News: Latest news usually 500 words longer Essays: Various school and college thought-provoking essays of around 500-1000 words Stories: Short and long stories on various topics including fiction, horror, mystery, etc ranging anywhere from 800-10,000 words Blog: Blog of website where random things will be posted Shorts: Short posts including pictures or videos usually consisting o