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13th February 2024: Made Red Background in Adobe Illustrator

13th February 2024: Made Red Background in Adobe Illustrator As I said in an earlier post, I have been upskilling my digital art-making skills to make new illustrations for my website easily. The illustration shown above is one of the most recent of my art pieces. It is not that good that it can amass appreciation from many people, but it is at least good enough that I thought of posting it on the website.  It took me around 30 minutes to make this background, and I will never use it again. But it was a good memory and it indeed helped me learn a new thing or two. From now on, I will try to make a digital illustration each day and post it here on the site so that I can showcase my terrible artwork with you all.  I have found a new interest in making digital illustrations nowadays and I feel like I am in a completely different space that is separated from our real world. When I am working on drawing a new illustration and unleashing my creativity, it feels like time is passing like when

Tuesday 13th February 2024: Practising Toposheet for Geography

  Tuesday 13th February 2024 Its 11:27 am on the 13th Febrauary 2024. I am currently sitting on the chair in front of the study table. I have opened my Toposheet book page number 32 and currently solving Map 5: Survey of India Map Sheet No. G43S10 — Eastingd 50-60, Northings 13-23.  My Geography ICSE class 10 board exams are coming near and I have only 1 day gap before the geography exam so I need to work hard.  I also don't have any special preparation for geography, nor do I have any special interest in the subject. I usually get around 70 out of 100 in the subject so I need to work hard for the boards as this subject will be important in gaining marks in social studies which comprises Geography, History, and Civics.  I am not doing much preparation as my friends are doing and also I am still not serious. I do not know how they incite the feeling of seriousness inside me but I will still try hard to study the subjects. I also do not have any particular interest in arts subjects a

My first drawing on

My first drawing on I have finally done it. I always wanted to start making custom digital illustrations, but I never got to learn how to make digital art. I have done it after so many months. Ever since I started this website, I wanted to make those cool illustrations you can find on other websites, but I was always bad at drawing skills so it always remained a dream. Recently when I was sitting at home and getting bored. I started doing random searches to pass my time. It was at that time that I started thinking of online drawing cools. When I searched for it, was the first result and I have to admit that the tool is perfect for beginners like me who probably know nothing about drawing and art. Well, it's a shame that I am saying it after going to Drawing Classes for 8 years. I can draw well on paper but it also has been a long time since I drew something. I will try it out once my exams are over. I just got to know how hard it is to make these digital arts. W

My AI Girlfriend: The story I currently have in mind

My AI Girlfriend: The story I currently have in mind As you might already know I love writing and I am also a tech-savvy person. This is the reason I created this website. I always wanted to write a book and publish it, but because of my busy student life, it became almost impossible to sit for long hours in a day and get a story done. Stephen King says you should be able to write around 2500 words a day, but when I write for this website - which is also not frequent - I am only able to write 800 words in an article, which is okay for it. I love AI and I also like reading other people's experiences with it. It is so much fun to know about them. I have also thought of a very long experience which I want to show to you all. It will not be a personal experience rather it will be a story told by a character. Plot The story "My AI Girlfriend" revolves around a guy who after several failed attempts gets a girlfriend, but the relationship with that girl is hell for him. He was n

Chemistry PreBoards Exam Tomorrow

  Chemistry Ch 12E Alcohols Tomorrow on 4th January 2024 I have my chemistry pre-board examinations. In the 2nd terminal, I performed far below expectations, but this time I have made sure that is not going to happen.  I have practiced numerals, done all the mole concepts, and also memorized the values and the important formulas. My preparation is going quite well and I have aimed to try to score full marks this time.  I am currently doing the Organic Chemistry part E, Alcohols.  I have remembered all the preparations, and the names of the processes used and I am quite confident that I can make the reactions on my own so I am not memorizing them.  It is 9:08 pm at the time of writing and I have only the theory part left to complete which I am gonna complete before sleeping.  After Chemistry I have biology and then English Literature.  I will not be able to post anything for these 3 days on the site.  I also wasn't able to get time to post a new year article.  I have decided to main

Forget Author Bio

About the Author: Mayank Vikash, the brilliant mind behind the mesmerizing poetry collection "Forget," is a testament to the incredible diversity that lies within the human spirit. Hailing from a tech background, Mayank seamlessly merges his technical prowess with the delicate artistry of words, creating a literary landscape that captivates the hearts and minds of readers. Mayank Vikash's journey into the world of poetry is a testament to the limitless nature of creativity. Born out of a passion for self-expression, his words effortlessly weave through the complexities of life, love, and the human experience. Drawing inspiration from both the analytical world of technology and the emotive realm of the heart, Mayank's poetry resonates with a unique and compelling voice. In "Forget," Mayank Vikash invites readers on a profound journey of introspection and contemplation. Each poem is a carefully crafted piece of art, exploring the nuances of memory, letting go,

Forget Poem Links

I have written a new poem about my experience with 2 girls in the last 2 years.  I have published it as ebook. You can check it out right here: Amazon: Apple: Kobo: Smashwords: Google Books: Play store:

Forget About the Author

 At the age of 16, Mayank Vikash emerges as a young poet from the vibrant tapestry of India. Born with a pen in hand and a heart brimming with emotions, Mayank crafts verses that transcend the boundaries of age, offering a poignant exploration of love, friendship, and the nuances of the human experience. Hailing from the culturally rich landscape of India, Mayank draws inspiration from the diversity and beauty that surrounds him. His verses reflect not only the universal themes that connect us all but also the unique colors of his homeland. The bustling streets, the scent of spices in the air, and the warmth of familial bonds find a place within the lines he weaves. Despite his youthful age, Mayank Vikash's poetry resonates with a depth and sincerity that belies his years. His work invites readers to embark on an introspective journey, where emotions are laid bare, and the complexities of relationships are explored with a keen and discerning eye. As he continues to navigate the int

Forget Acknowledgment

 As I share these verses with you in "Forget," I am deeply grateful for the support and inspiration that have shaped this poetic journey. To the friends and loved ones who have shared their stories and allowed me to glimpse the intricacies of their hearts, thank you for being the muses behind these words. Your experiences, laughter, and tears have infused this collection with authenticity and depth. A heartfelt appreciation goes to those who offered encouragement during the moments of creative solitude, and to those who patiently listened as I wove emotions into poetry. Special gratitude to [mention any specific individuals or influences], whose guidance and presence have left an indelible mark on this work. Lastly, to the readers who embark on this poetic voyage, may these verses resonate with your own experiences, stir emotions, and serve as companions in the shared tapestry of our human stories. —Mayank Vikash

Forget Preface

In the quiet corners of introspection and the echoes of shared moments, the verses of "Forget" emerged as a contemplative exploration of the intricate dance between love, friendship, and the inevitable passage of time. These words, penned by Mayank Vikash, transcend the boundaries of mere poetry to become a reflection of the universal human experience. As the author, Mayank shares a piece of his soul within these lines, drawing inspiration from the tapestry of his own journey through relationships, both fleeting and enduring. "Forget" is more than a collection of verses; it is a chronicle of emotions woven into the fabric of existence. It is an offering, an intimate glimpse into the complexities that shape our connections and influence the way we navigate the labyrinth of our hearts. May these verses resonate with you, dear reader, in moments of joy, reflection, and, perhaps, in the bittersweet embrace of letting go. Mayank Vikash extends an invitation to explore th

Forget Foreword

 In the delicate tapestry of emotions, Mayank Vikash weaves a poignant narrative with his poem, a profound exploration of the complexities and nuances that accompany the journey of love and friendship. With a keen eye for detail and a heart attuned to the rhythm of human connection, Mayank invites us into a world where memories, both cherished and painful, form the very fabric of our existence. As you embark on this poetic odyssey, allow the verses to speak to you, unraveling the threads of shared laughter, silent confessions, and the inevitable passage of time. Mayank's words serve as a timeless reminder that within the ebb and flow of relationships, we discover the true essence of ourselves and those who grace our lives. In "Forget," Mayank Vikash opens a window to the soul, inviting readers to reflect on their own experiences of love, loss, and the enduring spirit of friendship. This collection is more than poetry; it is an introspective journey, a lyrical meditation o

Forget Epigraph

 In the dance of memories, where hearts collide, Echoes of forgotten whispers and moments reside. - Mayank Vikash

Decoding the Matrix: A Deep Dive into the Labyrinth of AI Model Training

Decoding the Matrix: A Deep Dive into the Labyrinth of AI Model Training In an era where artificial intelligence reigns supreme, our journey into the heart of machine learning begins. 🤖✨ Brace yourself for an exploration into the complex realm of AI model training, where algorithms dance in the digital ether, shaping the future of intelligent systems. Unraveling the Layers of Learning Ever wondered how machines learn? Prepare to be enlightened. Our odyssey starts with Supervised Learning, a digital tutorship akin to teaching tricks to a canine companion. 🐾 We guide the AI model with labeled data, rewarding it for correct responses. It's the foundation—a ballet of data and algorithms creating a symphony of intelligence. But wait, there's more! Enter the enigmatic Unsupervised Learning, where the AI is a curious child given an array of building blocks without explicit instructions. It discovers patterns and relationships independently, mirroring the creative chaos of a young mi

Introducing a Fresh Look: Unveils Striking New Default Cover for a Seamless User Experience

I prefer the second one more  **Introducing a Fresh Look: Unveils Striking New Default Cover for a Seamless User Experience** In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital realm, aesthetics play a pivotal role in capturing the essence of innovation and creativity. Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of as we unveil a brand new default cover, designed to elevate your online experience to new heights. As a platform committed to delivering cutting-edge content, we understand the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The new default cover serves as a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of design trends and ensuring that our users have an immersive and seamless experience every time they visit ### A Symphony of Design and Functionality Crafted with precision and passion, the new default cover encapsulates the spirit of Inspired by modern desig

things to include in new book

 To create a compelling narrative for your love story, consider incorporating the following elements: 1. **Vivid Descriptions:** Paint a vivid picture of the settings, characters, and emotions involved in each scene. Use descriptive language to immerse readers in the world of your story. 2. **Character Development:** Explore the personalities, motivations, and growth of the main characters. Show how their experiences shape them and influence their decisions. 3. **Dialogue:** Craft authentic and engaging dialogue that reflects the personalities of the characters. Use conversations to reveal emotions, conflicts, and the evolving dynamics of relationships. 4. **Conflict and Tension:** Introduce and develop conflicts that add tension to the story. This could include internal struggles within characters or external challenges they face. 5. **Pacing:** Balance the pacing of the narrative to maintain reader interest. Gradually build tension during key moments and allow for moments of reflecti

prompt for new story

 "In a narrative capturing the poignant intricacies of adolescence, explore the transformative journey through unrequited love, unnoticed connections, and the evolving dynamics of relationships. Begin with the vivid backdrop of school life, where an infatuation with a senior girl initially consumes the protagonist's attention, oblivious to the existence of another girl sharing the same educational space. Navigate the narrative through the departure of the senior girl, triggering a serendipitous discovery of the overlooked connection with the other girl. Unfold the tale of a blossoming friendship, the emergence of mutual feelings, and the subsequent fading away of this newfound connection. As the protagonist grapples with the complexity of emotions, delve into the introspective aspects of personal growth, offering insights into the transformative power of love and its enduring impact on one's journey. Conclude with a resolution or lack thereof, and reflect on the overarchin