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Diwali 2023: Celebrating the festival by spreading love and embracing togetherness

Diwali 2023: Celebrating the festival by spreading love and embracing togetherness Diwali, the festival of light, is celebrated each year to mark the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.  It is a festival not limited by culture, religion, or country. Today, we set aside our differences and pray for universal peace and prosperity.  The festival is celebrated by lighting diyas, making rangolis outside houses, and of course with bursting crackers.  The diyas that we light resemble the hope and prayers of joy and happiness of our and also others.  The rangolis made at the doors of the houses are a symbol that today we set aside our differences and everyone, even our enemy, is welcome to celebrate the festival of lights with us. The lighting of firecrackers, even though wasn't a part of the original Diwali tradition, has evolved to become the message of joy. We burst crackers with our neighbors, without keeping in mind their class, caste, sex, or race. When we light a rock

Let's celebrate Diwali this year like it was meant to be celebrated

Let's celebrate Diwali this year like it was meant to be celebrated Firstly, I want to wish each of you a radiant and joy-filled Diwali. Whether you celebrate it or not, whether you follow a different religion, today is the day we share love and pray for peace and happiness. Diwali is the time when we transcend cultural, religious, and political boundaries, opening our hearts even to our enemies. Diwali, the festival of lights, symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is one of the most anticipated and widely celebrated festivals in India and worldwide. This joyous occasion marks the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. The main reason behind Diwali's celebration lies in its association with the epic Ramayana, which narrates the return of Lord Rama, along with his wife Sita and loyal companion Lakshmana, to their kingdom of Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana. The people of Ayodhya welcomed their beloved prince by lighting oil lamps, or diyas, to dis

The Dark Side of AI: A Human Enemy, Not a Friend

The Dark Side of AI: A Human Enemy, Not a Friend Title: The Dark Side of AI: A Human Enemy, Not a Friend Introduction: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undeniably revolutionized the way we live, work, and interact. However, it is essential to recognize that this technological marvel poses a substantial threat to humanity. Rather than being a benevolent friend, AI has the potential to become a formidable enemy, jeopardizing the very fabric of our existence. Body Paragraph 1: Lack of Ethical Boundaries AI, driven by algorithms and machine learning, lacks the moral compass that defines human decision-making. While humans can empathize, AI operates solely based on data and patterns, often leading to unethical outcomes. Instances of biased algorithms and discriminatory AI systems have already been documented, highlighting the inherent dangers of entrusting critical decisions to machines. Body Paragraph 2: Job Displacement and Economic Disruption The rapid advancement of AI technology has le

Describe living in another planet. Martian Dreams: Navigating Challenges in the Pursuit of Living on Another Planet

Living on another planet Humans have been dreaming of living a life on another planet since they even ventured out into space and since the discovery of outer space by ancient Greek and Indian philosophers. The idea took its wings and humans became ambitious about it after the English mathematician and astronomer Thomas Digges proposed in 1576 the idea of an infinite universe. For years, living on another planet has been the central theme of our science-fiction books and movies, but in the previous century, the curiosity to explore space and find a suitable planet for human habitation increased. This idea of looking for another habitable planet mainly started because of curiosity but it is now becoming a necessity due to the depletion of resources on Earth, and the deteriorating climate of our planet. The Soviet Union was the first country to reach space by launching the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957. The human knowledge of space improved significantly durin

That Special Friend: Always Kind and Forgiving

That Special Friend: Always Kind and Forgiving "The world is a cruel place" This statement cannot be more true in modern times. In the hustle and bustle of the streets of life, we meet a lot of strangers. There was a time when even strangers were respected and talked with the same tone as a family member, but the ravenous nature of humans has resulted in the loss of that centuries-old tradition. That was the time when kindness and mercy were seen as an attribute of God himself, but nowadays these fundamental natures of human beings have only been left to words rather than the deep and powerful emotions. "Change is the rule of nature" you will say, but the fundamental properties never change. They might be suppressed, but they are the building blocks, this truth will never change. "Not everyone is like that" You will say and yes that is true. I have witnessed one exception myself. It is you, my dearest friend, to whom I am dedicating this writing. I remembe

What Superpower will I Choose: The Empowering Potential of Remorse Induction

What Superpower Will I Choose? Superpowers are the special abilities or powers the heroes or villains of a fictional book or in a movie have. These abilities make them different from the rest of the population. Superpowers have always been a source of inspiration and fascination for human minds. Whether it's super strength, the ability to fly, telekinesis, or shapeshifting, each superpower holds its unique significance. It's up to the wielder to decide whether to use their powers for the benefit of others or to sow chaos. Since childhood, I wanted to become a hero. I wanted to help the elderly, children, and all those who are in trouble. I wanted to provide them relief, not only from the villains but also from the evils of the world and society. If I were chosen to help others and granted the ability to choose my superpower, my answer would have evolved over the years. In my younger years, I might have wished for super strength, while during my teenage years, I might have desir

You visited a heritage site with your classmates and teachers. Describe what you saw and learned from your visit.

Essay on visit to a Heritage Site A heritage site is a landmark or a monument of historical importance. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) administers such sites. They can help us to learn a lot of things about the history and culture of a place. A Heritage site is not only limited to a monument or a landmark but also includes ancient ruins, structures, buildings, cities, deserts, forests, islands, lakes, mountains, and wilderness areas. Schools and Colleges frequently plan a trip to heritage sites to teach the students about their significance, structure, importance, and features. Heritage sites date back several centuries and help students learn about ancient architecture. Students can also learn about primitive ways of living, culture, and faith by visiting and studying these heritage sites. I recently visited a World Heritage site with my classmates and teachers as a part of my school trip for summer vacation. We visited the Konark Sun Temple

What type of friend would you like to have, someone who is rich, someone who is helpful or someone who is reliable? Describe which are the characteristics that are most important for you and why?

A friend is one of the greatest assets of a human being. He is a companion to whom we can look for assistance and support. He celebrates our joy and consoles us when we are sad. He takes part in our hobbies, encourages us and motivates us. He is the one who cheers us up in our hard times. He has an immense amount of influence on our daily life. A friend is one of the most crucial parts of human life. It is important to decide whom we choose to be our friend, for we tend to implement the behaviours and characteristics of our close ones in ourselves. In this harsh world, finding a good friend is as important as finding a source of income, for a good friend can not only assist us, but he can teach us, guide us, and just like the parents scold us if we ever do something wrong. A good friend can be the most influential mentor in one's life, second only to parents and teachers. I would choose a reliable friend if I had to choose someone rich, helpful or reliable. A "reliable" f

Summers are becoming hotter with each passing year. Write a description of one such very hot day. What did you see and hear as you walked outside? How were birds and animals affected?

Summers are getting hotter with each passing year Essay on "Summers are becoming hotter with each passing year. Write a description of one such very hot day. What did you see and hear as you walked outside? How were birds and animals affected?" India is famous all around the world for its different seasons and extreme as well as pleasant climate. The unique features of the Indian subcontinent are found nowhere else. India mainly experiences five seasons Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. Summer is considered the best among other seasons by the Indians, but its popularity is decreasing drastically each day as the temperatures are constantly increasing because of climate change. Summer is when the country experiences most death because of extreme weather conditions. It is becoming unbearable for the people as the day temperatures outside reach 50°C. Summer was often associated with fun and enjoyment, but that is not the case anymore. Summers are one of the most excitin

“Prayer does not change things. It changes people and people change things.” What do you think about the saying? Describe an incident from your personal experience to prove your point.

Prayer does not change things. It changes people Prayer is a form of communication or spiritual practice in which individuals or communities express their thoughts, emotions, desires, gratitude, or supplications to a higher power, deity, or spiritual entity. It is a way to connect with the divine, seek guidance, offer praise, or request assistance. Prayers are performed differently depending on which part of the world one is in. People can perform them by writing, singing, reciting, speaking aloud, or in private in front of a priest. Prayers can be individual or communal, occurring in personal moments of solitude, during religious ceremonies, or as part of organized gatherings. The content of prayer may vary depending on the purpose and beliefs of the person or group offering it. Prayers can encompass many themes, including expressions of gratitude, requests for blessings, forgiveness, healing, protection, guidance, or strength during challenging times. They can also include prayers fo

My First Road Trip

  My First Road Trip "A Road Trip is a long journey on an automobile." The definition in my dictionary reads, but I would like to add much more to it. It is not just a road journey where you enjoy the outside scenery while you sit inside your car or where you can enjoy the experience of driving at hundred miles per hour. It is a journey where you form memories with your families and friends; you form deeper bonds with them and enjoy being "social" in the real world and not on social media. Road Trips become more significant in this digital age when youths are getting away from each other and where they have created a different meaning of socialising. It is also one of the reasons why until recently, I have never been on a road trip. It was February of 2022. The weather was bitterly cold, and my final exams had just ended. On the Friday of the third week of the month, my father came home after work as usual, and out of the blue, he announced to us that he and his fri

Imagine that you were all alone at home on a winter night. Suddenly there was thunder, lightning and heavy rain. There was no electricity, and the inverter in your house stopped working. Narrate how you felt and what you did at that time.

An image of a house in winter covered with snow Staying alone at home is the experience every teenager craves to get once. It is a different adventure, for you can do whatever you want, like playing games at high volumes, running all around the house, and exploring the restricted parts like the garage and basement. But as the saying goes, "The biggest adventure does not take long to become the greatest nightmare". Something like this happened to me recently when I had gone to stay in my father's childhood home for the winter holidays in Himachal Pradesh. My grandfather built the house in the small and sparsely populated yet beautiful village of Kangra. We often choose it as our tourist destination because of its heavenly landscapes and majestic mountains. We headed there this time not just to spend the holidays but also to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin. I had a severe stomach ache on the wedding day, so my parents had to leave me at home and go to the wedding.

“Every person must have some skill in life.” Describe an important skill that you are learning, giving the various advantages that will accrue to you after learning it.

Skills are one of the most crucial things for a person's development. Every individual must have it. Skills make a person unique from the masses. In today's competitive world, having at least one skill becomes essential. Skills like time management, critical thinking, and writing can be helpful for students to excel in their studies. They can also help to make a good impression in front of the employers. Employers prefer candidates having skills with less academic performance over those with no skills but high academic performance. Skills can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the work, as someone with leadership skills can head a project or a department effortlessly. Skills can help an individual to adapt to different challenges faced during their lifetime. Skills are of several types, like reading, teamwork, and communication, but writing is the most significant. I am currently learning to improve my writing skills. I believe the ability to write and convey m

Printed Books are Better than E-Books

PRINTED BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN E-BOOKS Books are one of the largest sources of knowledge. Besides giving information, they also improve vocabulary, reading, and imagining skills. Books also help in developing a perspective for a particular topic or viewing it from a different one. Ernest Hemmingway, renowned American novelist and short story writer, once said: There is no friend as loyal as a book Books let us travel throughout the planet, different worlds and even outer space without lifting our feat. "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies". He experiences adventure, joy, fear, pain, and sadness through the author. Many cultures encourage students to read books from an early age. In Indian culture, students were required to read the lessons, learn and understand by heart after the teachers had completed them. There are endless advantages to reading books. Books are of different genres like mystery, adventure, fiction, history, non-fiction, horror, etc. Some provide i

Population in India - Is it Good or Bad for the 5th Largest Economy?

Population refers to the total number of humans, animals, or plants inhabiting a particular place, region, state or country. According to the United Nations Population Report, India is expected to surpass China to become the most populous country by the middle of this year, with an overwhelming population of 1.42 billion. This essay will list some of the many merits that the fifth-largest economy and the world's largest democracy can have with this large population. People are the backbone of a nation. A decreasing population is often disastrous and is one of the main faction that leads to the collapse of the nation. On the other hand, a larger population is not a burden but an important asset for the country. They can boost the economy, generate new innovative ideas, bring in foreign investments, and spread the culture to other regions. If there are more people, they will compete with each other for jobs and work to improve their skills and knowledge thus the country will have ski

Population in India - Is it Good or Bad for the 5th Largest Economy? Submission 2

Population in India, a curse or boon? India, with a population of almost 1.42 billion is already the 2nd most populous country in the world. It has already overtaken the former ruler of the world, the Great Britain (UK), and claimed the position of the 5th largest ecomony in the world. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), "At current prices and exchange rates, therefore, India will be a USD 3.7 trillion economy in 2023, maintaining its lead over the UK as the fifth largest economy of the world." As the upcoming Superpower, India looks forward to develope every sector and increase its contibution to the global commerce. China, being the most populous country in the world with a population of almost 1.46 billion, has been the "sweet poison" for all the countries around the globe, has proclaimed itself as the next world leader and is the toughest competitior to India. Over the decades, China, under the dictatorship of Xi Jinping has gained extreme dependence m

Population in India - Is it Good or Bad for the 5th Largest Economy? Submission 1

India is currently the world's first-most populous country, with a population of over 140.76 crores people. While a growing population can bring positive effects on an economy, such as increased workforce and consumer demand, it can also strain resources and put pressure on infrastructure. Therefore, the impact of population growth on the 5th largest economy is a topic of debate among economists, policymakers, and the public. a larger population can provide India with a larger workforce, which can lead to increased production and economic growth. With a growing population, India can also have a larger consumer base, which can drive demand and stimulate economic activity. Additionally, a larger population can lead to more innovation and creativity, as there are more people contributing ideas and solutions to problems. The youthful population in India can be an asset in the form of the demographic dividend, where a higher proportion of working-age individuals can boost the economy

Narrate an experience that shows appearances can be deceiving

A person standing in the railway station dressed in a good looking attire It is a common habit of humans to make judgements at the first look. It does not matter if we are seeing a person or a thing for the first time, our minds do not need to take a second look before coming to a judgement. If we look at a person, we quickly look at his clothes and shoes and come to the assumption that he is poor or rich. The same is the case with things, we decide for ourselves whether a substance is expensive or cheap just by its glittering and glistening. Over time, many learned personalities have taught us to "not judge a book by its cover." Through his various plays and writing, William Shakespeare, the popular eighteenth-century English writer, has sent the message to not fall for outward appearances. I have recently expereinced an incident that explains why is it important to not rely on just outward appearances to make a judgement about a person. I was travelling by train during my s

Essay on Euthanasia and How to Deal with It

Euthanasia means ending one's life to relieve suffering. It is also known as "mercy killing." It is usually performed on patients suffering from a disease or an injury for years, and their way of living is highly affected by those sufferings. It is also a way of reducing the burden on the family when they cannot afford the costly medicines needed for the remedy of the disease or illness. It is not limited to humans. Many pets-owners go with the difficult option of euthanasia or mercy killing to end the suffering of their beloved pets. Euthanasia is a tough decision, and dealing with its aftermath is difficult. If someone close to you has voluntarily opted for euthanasia or has been suggested by the doctor to go with the option, it can be hard to deal with the situation. It should be understood that the person or pet is suffering from excruciating pain or incurable diseases. It is good to grieve the loss of a loved one, but you should not grieve forever and move on from th

The Multifaceted Path to Knowledge: Exploring the World Through Travel

Title: The Multifaceted Path to Knowledge: Exploring the World Through Travel Introduction Knowledge is a vast and multifaceted concept, and the avenues to acquire it are equally diverse. While traditional education and books remain indispensable sources of learning, the world offers a unique and enriching classroom of its own. Traveling, in particular, has long been recognized as a powerful means of gaining knowledge. In this essay, I will explore the myriad ways in which travel serves as an avenue for learning, drawing from my own experiences to illustrate the transformative power of exploration. 1. Cultural Understanding My journey of knowledge began with a backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia. In Thailand, I immersed myself in the vibrant street markets of Bangkok and learned the value of negotiation in Thai culture. In Cambodia, I explored the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, gaining insights into Khmer history and spirituality. This journey taught me that cultural understan