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Diary: 4th March 2024

Diary 4th April Today was my Physics exam. I had hoped to score full marks, that is 80/80 on the exam, but sadly I will hardly even be able to score 75 on the exam. According to the experts, today's question paper was rated "moderate" in terms of difficulty; I can never argue that. The questions today were so easy. I wish I had looked up some key concepts again. The concepts that came today were not very important, and one would also say these topics would never be asked in exams. They were not directly asked. Instead, the questions made the use of those concepts subtly.  It was 28th February 2024. It was the day of my Geography 2024 ICSE Council Standard 10th Examination. The exam went well; I would not say great. The questions were easy in Geography despite my negligence in studying the subject the previous night. It is not like I had not studied even the slightest. I just had never taken the subject seriously all year. The exam went well and I am hoping around 70/80. T

I feel jealous whenever someone interact with whom I admire: Reflecting at my emotions

I feel jealous whenever someone interact with whom I admire: Reflecting at my emotions There is someone special whom I admire. She is a fellow student, a friend, and a trusted companion. She is like a river, which flows and removes the dirt of sadness, anxiety, and misery from the canal of my life. She is calm as water which assists me in travelling the path of my tough life in innumerable ways. She is as versatile as clay, for she becomes a friend with whom I can share my feelings, a teacher who guides and looks over me, and a partner who supports me through the various challenges of life.  Her charming persona has a calming effect on me. No matter, how bad the day went. When I sit with her to study, all the worries ebb out of my mind. Her misty voice resonates with the warmth in my heart and creates a melodic symphony so subtle and sweet that only I can hear. When she speaks, it is like she is enchanting her surroundings, for I find myself lost in the epic melody focusing on the each

'Salem's Lot is too slow and other Stephen King Books also are. I just learnt how to read Stephen King books

'Salem's Lot is too slow Let's begin this a month before. My exams had just finished and I wanted to read Stephen King's books. I have heard about him a lot and also watched the film adaptations of his books and there are some children in my school who (when the majority prefer wasting time on the phone) read books, and they keep talking about Stephen King. I was not completely unaware of one of the best modern writers, I just hadn't read any of his masterpieces.  I started searching the internet for Stephen King books that beginners could read. When I was going through all the books he had published, I came across one with a very peculiar, yet interesting title, "'Salem's Lot." The title seemed interesting enough, so I clicked on it. I opened the Wikipedia page for the book and the plot also seemed good enough for me. 'Salem's Lot is the second published novel by Stephen King. He published it in the year 1975. The story of a writer named B