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Macbeth Personal Notes: Act 1 Scene 2

Macbeth Personal Notes: Act 1 Scene 2 Setting: The scene is set in a camp near Forres "As seemeth by his plight" An injured sergeant is standing in front of the King Duncan. Duncan asks from his servants who the bleeding man is and concludes from his condition that he is in condition to report the latest developments of the revolt. "Who like a good and hardy soldier fought 'gainst my captivity" Malcolm, the elder son of the king, answers his father and tells him that the bleeding man is a sergeant, who fought to prevent him from being taken as a war prisoner.  "Doubtful it stood" The battlefield stood doubtful. It was difficult to say which side was winning as the soldiers from both sides were tired and as two swimmers who were exhausted holds onto each other so that neither can swim, the soldiers held each other making it impossible for either of them to win. Macdonwald => the name of the rebel. "Worthy to be a rebel" Macdonwald is worthy