Elon Musk offers 1 billion dollars to Wikipedia if it changes it names

The world's richest man Elon Musk has offered the free encyclopedia and one of the most visited websites Wikipedia 1 billion dollars if the online encyclopedia changes its name to "Dickipedia." Tesla CEO and owner of X (formerly Twitter) wrote in a post on X, “I will give them a billion dollars if they change their name to Dickipedia.” “Please add that to the [cow and poop emojis] on my wiki page,” he continued in another post. “In the interests of accuracy.” When one user, journalist Ed Krassenstein, suggested the online encyclopedia take the deal, saying that it can “can always change it back after you collect,” Musk added a condition to his offer. “One year minimum. I mean, I’m a not fool lol,” he wrote. Musk had made multiple posts earlier Sunday criticizing the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia, for asking for money. “Have you ever wondered why the Wikimedia Foundation wants so much money? It certainly isn’t needed to operate Wikipedia,” he wro

Why Autoplay Video ads are bad for websites

Why Autoplay Video ads are bad for websites I have been using the Internet for a long time now. The websites that I visited 10 years ago have changed - at least most of them. Websites are becoming more complex with each passing year. New technologies are being developed. The Web Developers are working to provide more features to the users. The size of a webpage has also increased to what it used to be just a decade ago.  The old websites (of around the 2000s) had just texts - that too default ones - and sometimes images. Their size was around 50 kb. Nowadays, websites are using icons, different fonts, high-resolution images, and most importantly videos. These contents increase the size of the page massively. The size of a webpage which used to be around 50k kb a couple of decades ago is now around 4-5 mb on average.  The features offered by websites are improving but it is also increasing the size of the webpage, which makes it difficult to provide the best possible user experience to

US Government picks 31 regional tech hubs to encourage US innovation

The United States Commerce Department is naming 31 regional tech hubs from 370 applicants. This act will make these 31 regions eligible for 500 million dollar federal government funding to help encourage innovation across a variety of sectors. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told reporters the program aimed to diversify the United States away from its traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Seattle and Boston. "Those tech ecosystems are concentrated in just a few places around the country," Raimondo said. "They don't reflect the full potential of our country... They don't corner the market on great ideas." This program is the part of the US President Joe Biden government's endeavour to help fund key sectors like electric vehicle manufacturing, green energy, and semiconductors to bring private investments. This actions are taken to counter China's growth in these sector and the threat it poses to the global security. White House National Economic

Just completed all 4 seasons of Castlevania

It is my vacation and I have nothing to do. I could study or complete my notebooks, but I have decided to spend most of my time on my phone. Recently, I came across a series called Castlevania on Netflix and yesterday, I completed all the episodes of the Netflix series Castlevania. It took me 2 days to complete 4 seasons of this series, which has 32 episodes: 4 episodes in season 1, 8 in season 2, 10 in season 3, and 10 in season 4. The series was created and written by Warren Ellis, British novelist and screenwriter. The series is based on the Japanese game series of the same name and the animation is also inspired by Japanese animated works. I read the story of the development of Castlevania and it was hell. The series took so long to start until it was picked up by Netflix and after then new seasons came after a gap of a year or two, mostly one year between the year 2017 and 2021. I completed this story yesterday around 5:15 pm which I started two days ago. Story Summary The story s

ISRO successfully confucted Gaganyaan failure test

Crew Module successfully landed in the Bay of Bengal The Indian Space Research Organisation conducted the third big test for the Gaganyaan Mission yesterday the 21st of October 2023. The Gaganyaan Mission aims to send astronauts into space, which is expected to be carried out by ISRO in the year 2025.  The liquid-propelled single-stage Test Vehicle (TV-D1) lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on a brief yet consequential flight carrying a homegrown system that would be crucial for the safety of the Indian astronauts in case of an emergency during the Gaganyaan Mission. The Crew Escape System which was tested yesterday made sure that the three-men orbital mission that will be sent to space in 2025 is capable of ejaculation of the crew during unforeseen situations.  The test was initially planned for 8 a.m. yesterday but was postponed to 10 a.m. because of unfavorable weather conditions. The test validated the motors that will be used during this mission, which included low-alt

The October Killings Chapter 1: Mr. Sharma

The sky was dark. Grey clouds blocked the sun's warmth from falling on the small town of Aldaye. A gentle patter of rain now started falling on the streets of Light Square. People moved hurriedly and pulled out their umbrellas, those without it took shelter beneath the sheds of the shops. At first, the rain was gentle, producing soothing music, but now it became intensified. The streets shimmered with the reflected glow of streetlights and the headlights of cars passing by. It was the first October shower in Aldaye, bringing relief after the scorching summer heat. Pratas Sharma, a tall man wearing an onyx black suit, stood in front of a coffee shop waiting for the rain to stop. He looked at his wristwatch, deftly pulling up his sleeves. It was 9:27 p.m. Mr Sharma was late again for home. He promised his daughter that today he would reach home on time for her birthday celebration, but he had forgotten yet again. He owned the news website Truth Finder  which was popular among the lef

PM Modi spoke to the Palestinian President

PM Modi spoke to the Palestinian President Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and conveyed his condolences for the loss of lives after the bombing of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza. The Palestinian authorities and Hamas terrorists have blamed Israel for the bombing, which has been striking the Gaza Strip for days now. The Israeli Defence Forces has denied this allegation and shared "proof" that the rocket that hit the hospital was of Islamic Jihadists.  The United States and President Joe Biden have confirmed that their intel provides no evidence that Israel was responsible for the attack.  The bombing of the Gaza hospital killed hundreds of citizens, mostly children and women, who took shelter after Israel started bombing the Hamas terrorist's hideouts. Protests have broken out in the Arab countries after the blast in the hospital and many have accused Israel of it. The Indian Prime Minister has expressed his sadness and conveyed his


In the digital age, where information and content are shared and disseminated on a global scale, the concept of copyright remains as relevant as ever. Copyright law plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the intellectual property of creators and the rights of content owners. At, a platform dedicated to delivering insights and knowledge in the domains of technology and international affairs, we uphold the principles of copyright and respect the intellectual property rights that govern our content. Defining Copyright Copyright is a legal protection granted to the creators of original works, such as written content, artwork, music, and more. It gives creators the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, display, and adapt their works. Copyright exists from the moment a work is created and fixed in a tangible form, such as writing it down or saving it digitally. Copyright and, as a content-driven platform, produces, publishes, and curates a wi


Navigating the Digital Seas: A Legal Primer for In the digital era, where information flows freely across the global expanse of the internet, it is imperative that individuals and entities engaged in any form of online activity understand the legal implications and responsibilities that accompany this journey., as a platform committed to providing insights and knowledge in the domains of technology and international affairs, recognizes the importance of adhering to legal guidelines and ethical standards. In this article, we delve into the legal aspects that underpin our operation and guide us as a responsible digital entity. Defining Our Digital Footprint operates within a vast and complex digital ecosystem. Our website serves as a conduit for sharing information, fostering discussions, and facilitating connections in the spheres of technology and international affairs. In this context, it's essential to be aware of the legal framewor

Child Privacy

 Protecting the Digital Playground: Safeguarding Child Privacy in the Digital Age In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where information flows freely, and technology influences every aspect of our lives, one critical concern stands out: the privacy of our children. As we navigate this brave new world, safeguarding child privacy becomes an imperative task that we, as parents, guardians, educators, and society at large, must address with utmost diligence. The website has always been committed to offering insights and knowledge in the realms of technology and international affairs. In this article, we shift our focus to a matter of paramount importance: child privacy in the digital age. The Digital Playground: A Blessing and a Challenge Today's children are digital natives. They're born into a world where smartphones, tablets, and laptops are as familiar to them as the toys of yesteryears were to previous generations. While this digital immersion offers countles Blog: Navigating the Digital Information Landscape Blog: Navigating the Digital Information Landscape In an age where the flow of information never ceases and the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying informed is not just a choice; it's a necessity. The Blog is your dependable compass in this vast and ever-changing digital world. It's a place where we explore the intersections of technology, international affairs, human stories, and future visions, offering you a deeper understanding of the world we live in. The Role of the Blog Blogs have long been the bedrock of the internet, serving as personal diaries, platforms for opinions, and sources of information. At, our blog is more than just a collection of articles; it's a space for meaningful discussions, exploration, and the exchange of ideas. Here's why our blog is essential: In-Depth Analysis: Our blog is a medium for in-depth analysis. It's a space where we take the time to delve into complex topics, providi Shorts: Serving Bites of Knowledge and Entertainment Shorts: Serving Bites of Knowledge and Entertainment In the age of information, where time is of the essence and attention spans are ever-shrinking, there's a unique need for quick, bite-sized content that both informs and entertains. At, we recognize this need, and that's where our "Shorts" section comes into play. Here, we serve you brief, tweet-like articles that are designed to be a source of knowledge, entertainment, and a dash of inspiration—all in a few succinct lines. The Power of Conciseness Short-form content, often associated with the length of a tweet, has become a phenomenon in the digital realm. It's a medium that thrives on the idea of delivering impactful messages in a minimalistic format. Shorts harness the power of conciseness to offer you quick and engaging content that covers a wide range of topics. A World of Ideas in Few Words The Shorts section is an exciting canvas that allows us to explore a

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Tech Articles at A Gateway to the Digital Frontier

Tech Articles at A Gateway to the Digital Frontier In our digital age, technology is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. It drives our daily lives, shapes industries, and has a profound impact on the world as we know it. Keeping up with the latest developments, trends, and breakthroughs in technology is essential. That's where comes in, offering you a gateway to the digital frontier through our tech articles. Why Tech Articles Matter Tech articles are the windows through which we gain insights into the ever-evolving world of technology. They provide us with a deeper understanding of the technologies that are shaping our future, from artificial intelligence and blockchain to the Internet of Things and quantum computing. Here's why tech articles are indispensable: Education: Tech articles are a source of valuable education, explaining complex concepts in a way that's accessible to all readers. They help us make sense of technology and

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Invitation to Guest Authors: Share Your Insights with At, we are committed to creating a vibrant and diverse platform for sharing knowledge, insights, and innovative ideas. We understand the power of collaboration and the importance of multiple perspectives in fostering intellectual growth and engaging discussions. That's why we extend a warm invitation to guest authors to contribute to our platform. Why Guest Post with Wide and Engaged Audience: has a growing and engaged readership interested in a range of topics, including technology, international affairs, human stories, and futuristic concepts. When you guest post with us, your content gains visibility among a global audience. Diverse Range of Topics: Our platform covers a broad spectrum of themes, allowing guest authors to contribute within their area of expertise and passion. Interactive Engagement: is not just a repository of content; it's a

Guest articles on has always been a dynamic hub of information, insights, and thought-provoking content. We understand the power of collaboration and the value of diverse perspectives. That's why we're excited to invite you to become a part of our community and share your knowledge, ideas, and expertise through guest posts on our platform. Why Guest Post on Exposure and Reach: boasts a growing readership of individuals passionate about technology and international affairs. When you guest post with us, your insights will be showcased to a wide and engaged audience. Diverse Topics: Our platform covers a broad spectrum of topics, including tech trends, international affairs, human stories, and futuristic concepts. This diversity allows you to contribute content within your area of expertise and interest. Interactive Engagement: is more than just a content repository. It's a community where ideas are discussed, debated, and shared.

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The world we inhabit today is one marked by complexity, constant change, and the ceaseless quest for understanding. To navigate this ever-evolving landscape of information and ideas, we often turn to essays as a source of knowledge, insight, and thought-provoking analysis. At, our "Essays" section stands as a testament to the enduring power of this medium and the depth of insight it offers into the realms of technology and international affairs. The Art of the Essay Essays are a form of literary craftsmanship, where authors engage readers with their ideas, observations, and interpretations. These pieces are more than mere reports; they are vehicles for storytelling, analysis, and exploration. At, we celebrate the art of the essay, employing it as a means of delving into the intricate worlds of technology and international affairs. Exploration and Discovery Our "Essays" section serves as a gateway to the world of exploration and discov

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In a world inundated with information, stories have an unparalleled power to captivate, educate, and inspire. At, we understand the importance of stories as a medium for conveying knowledge, insights, and ideas. Our "Stories" section is a testament to the profound impact narratives have in conveying complex concepts, demystifying the unknown, and shedding light on the multifaceted world of technology and international affairs. The Art of Storytelling Storytelling is an age-old tradition, a timeless art that transcends generations and cultures. It's not merely about recounting events; it's about weaving a tapestry of experiences, emotions, and lessons that engage readers and leave a lasting impression. At, we embrace the art of storytelling to convey the intricacies of tech and international affairs. A Wide Spectrum of Topics Our "Stories" section serves as a versatile canvas for exploring an extensive spectrum of topics: Human

News on

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving digital landscape of the 21st century, staying informed is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. From groundbreaking technological advancements to the intricacies of international geopolitics, our world is marked by constant change and innovation. That's where steps in, poised as your dependable compass in this vast digital universe, guiding you through the latest developments in technology and international affairs. Tech News: Unveiling the Digital Frontier In the realm of technology, innovation is the name of the game. It's a field that never stands still, and is committed to keeping you on the forefront of these changes. Our tech news section is your gateway to the digital frontier, where we unravel the complexities of emerging technologies and offer insights into their implications for individuals and society. Key Highlights of Our Tech News Coverage: Emerging Technologies: Explore the world of artificial in

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In today's interconnected world, the power of social media cannot be understated. Social media platforms have transformed the way we communicate, share, and interact with the digital universe. At, we recognize the significance of these channels in building a vibrant and engaged online community. Hence, we are thrilled to introduce our presence on various social media platforms and invite you to connect with us in exciting and meaningful ways. Why Social Media Matters The impact of social media is undeniable. It has revolutionized the way information is disseminated and conversations are held. For a platform like, which publishes tech news and international affairs content, social media is an invaluable tool for several reasons: Content Sharing: Our articles cover a wide range of topics, from the latest tech trends to in-depth analyses of international events. Social media allows us to share this content quickly and effectively with a global audience.