My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December

My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December (In the picture above, I can be seen solving Chapter 1 GST from my ICSE Std 10 ML Aggarwal book in my tuition notebook with a pencil) Exams are one of the very few things that make even the most arrogant teenager wet his pants.  I don't really "love" exams as some nerds do, but I also don't hate them. I somehow always succeed in scoring good marks despite my average preparations and little effort.  Most of my peers indeed get pressured exams and they think, "Now, I am only gonna study and do nothing else." My father doesn't agree with this kind of treatment for the examinations. He always says, "Never study for an exam because examinations are conducted on what you have studied." I have my maths pre-boards in 3 days. I am doing a little bit of preparation and somehow I  am still not serious.  I have 20 chapters in the book and I have still a few left untouched.  "What, are you saying

The Boy Who Loved

When you are ignored by a person whose attention means most to you, the reaction in your brain will be similar to physical pain. The Boy Who Loved Jay was sitting at his usual seat in the class, at the last seat. He was one of the students who would usually not look up at the board, but today was special. He was looking up, straight towards the blackboard. His teacher was surprised also and thought the child was finally improving.  It was true he was looking up, but not focusing on his studies or listening to what the teacher was teaching. He was looking at the new girl in the class, Aarya. She was sitting at the front bench. When she first arrived in the city three days earlier, Jay was one of the first to see her as she moved to the house next to his on Sixth District Street. She was 15 years old with black hair and dark brown eyes. Her eyes were as deep as the ocean and as calm as the sky; Jay would look at them all day without blinking. She was taller than most of the other girls o

Life Update: I am on leave from school for studies

Life Update: I am on leave from school for studies Exams are an important part of a student's life and in India, Std. 10 examinations hold a prestigious position in the people's mind.  Before giving my main Std. 10 Council Examinations in February 2024, my school will take Pre-Boards Exams, keeping in mind the format of the Boards Examination strictly.  I have my Pre-Boards starting from the 16th of December with Maths as my first exam. With 11 days left, I have no preparation at all.  I am not going to school to prepare for the exams at home, and in so many days I have done some preparation.  Most of my time is spent on the phone and scrolling through the Internet. I have decided not to work on any stories for the website for the time being, but I am still holding my phone most days.  Starting today, I will study with all my might. I promised someone to score more than 95% marks. While the target seems very hard, seeing I scored barely 80% marks overall.  I will focus on Maths

I feel jealous whenever someone interact with whom I admire: Reflecting at my emotions

I feel jealous whenever someone interact with whom I admire: Reflecting at my emotions There is someone special whom I admire. She is a fellow student, a friend, and a trusted companion. She is like a river, which flows and removes the dirt of sadness, anxiety, and misery from the canal of my life. She is calm as water which assists me in travelling the path of my tough life in innumerable ways. She is as versatile as clay, for she becomes a friend with whom I can share my feelings, a teacher who guides and looks over me, and a partner who supports me through the various challenges of life.  Her charming persona has a calming effect on me. No matter, how bad the day went. When I sit with her to study, all the worries ebb out of my mind. Her misty voice resonates with the warmth in my heart and creates a melodic symphony so subtle and sweet that only I can hear. When she speaks, it is like she is enchanting her surroundings, for I find myself lost in the epic melody focusing on the each will not publish new articles for the next few months or publish very few

Image will not publish new articles for the next few months or publish very few If you are a regular reader of the site (for that I am very grateful to you), you might have noticed that I am not publishing any new articles nowadays or publishing very few.  As you know, I am a student and I have to manage my studies along with running this site/publication. I have my ICSE Pre-Boards from the 16th of December 2023 and in February of next year I will appear for my Std. 10 Boards Examinations. As you might have guessed, I have a lot of study pressure right now, and publishing here along with all the studies is a pretty difficult task. I have my Progress Report Day tomorrow (commonly known as Report Card Day or Parent and Teacher's Meeting). I will write separately about that tomorrow. I have lots of posts in the queue to write and publish and some are in drafts too, but on 16th of December next month I have my Maths exam so I have to prepare for that and because of that I a

The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption Part 1

The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption "See. You don't have to turn up like him," said a mother to her son. "But what is his fault? He is hardworking," replied the father. "He is indeed hardworking, but he is not efficient," said the mothers. Talk like these are no new things for people whenever they pass the State Bank, for the security guard was one of the most unsuccessful lads to be born in the town's history, according to the locals. The security guard, Kabir Verma - who was 39 years of age - was still stuck at the low-income job.  The mothers will scare their sons that if they don't study, they will turn up like him in the future, with no girl to marry them.  It was not like Kabir was illiterate. He was pursuing his Master in Science. Just that he was trying to clear the exams from the last 10 years.  When he first failed, he had no one in the family except an elder brother, but now there is no one he can call

The Person who greeted everyone

The Person who greeted everyone There was a young boy in an unnamed town. He had shifted to his new home on 2nd Street just a few hours ago. He was a tall and charming person who wore only casual outfits.  Just a few hours after he moved, he realized the neighborhood was not as friendly as he would have wanted. It was a big town in a big city. People moved in and outside the town frequently. The people were too busy greeting every new neighbor or offering a farewell to those who were leaving. The men went to work in the early hours of the morning while the women did the household chores.  It was the time of the Internet. People no longer liked to spend time with their neighbors. Men no longer talked to each other after coming home, women watched television and scrolled their phones, and children preferred playing online games. Students no longer had to be physically present for the classes as with modern technologies they can attend classes from their home.  The air became more and mor

Reflecting at my life: Everything Bad about me

Reflecting on my life: Everything Bad about me I have been on Earth for sixteen years. I have done a lot of things since I was born; some are good, and most are bad. I have said and done many things - both intentionally and unintentionally - which caused pain to others that I cannot imagine nor can I ever understand. I am not a bad person, at least I think so, but my deeds are bad. There were times when people overlooked my misdeeds saying that I was merely a child, but I do not blame them as someone told me my face looks like that of an innocent person. As the saying goes, the most sinful people are dressed in the most formal attire. I am the best living example of this saying. At least, I am best at something aside from hurting others. I have committed all the seven cardinal sins in just my sixteen years of living, namely: Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. I have done the wrong things. How many times? That even I cannot remember. I am writing this to confess all m

ED seizes property worth Rs 750 Crore linked to Congress leaders

ED seizes property worth Rs 750 Crore linked to Congress leaders The Government agency, Enforcement Directorate, which works to enforce economic laws in the country has seized assets worth Rs 752 Crore Of Company Linked To Gandhis. Property worth Rs 90 crore belonging to Young Indian -- the company linked to Congress's Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi -- has been attached by the Enforcement Directorate in connection to its investigation into the National Herald case. The attached property includes the National Herald Houses in Delhi and Mumbai and Nehru Bhavan in Lucknow. Sources said the overall value of properties seized belonging to Associated Journals is 752 crore. The Central agency is investigating an alleged money laundering case linked to the National Herald newspaper. The case involves allegations of cheating, conspiracy, and criminal breach of trust in the acquisition of the Associated Journals Limited -- which ran the newspaper -- by Young Indian Pvt Ltd. The agency has alr

India lost the 2023 World Cup, but let's not be demoralize

India lost the 2023 World Cup, but let's not be demoralize India played in the ICC Men's World Cup finals against Australia yesterday Sunday 19th November 2023. The dreams of 1.4 billion Indians were shattered after Australia won the finals by six wickets in the fully packed 1,32,000-seated stadium. The fans could be seen leaving as soon as they realized that India would lose the match. The outcome of the match was clear after the 25th Over of Australia's batting.  At the post-match presentation, the captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma said, "The result has not gone our way. We were not good enough today.” He was downhearted after the match, a case which was the same for all the 15 players of the Indian Cricket team for the 2023 ICC World Cup.  “We tried everything but it wasn't supposed to be. 20-30 runs more would have been good, KL and Kohli were stitching a good partnership and we were looking at 270-280 but we kept losing wickets. When yo

Cargo ship destined to India got hijacked by Houthi rebels

The Galaxy Leader, pictured in 2008. Houthi rebels described it as an Israeli ship but Israel said it was British-owned and Japanese-operated. Another major incident took place during the Israel-Hamas conflict. Everyone is getting impacted because of the war in the Middle East, which has been going on for over a month now.  Recently, a ship bound to India has been seized by the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. The vessel started its sail from Turkey and was headed towards India.  Houthis rebel is an Islamist political and armed organisation based in the West Asian country of Yemen. They have sided with Hamas in the Israel-Hamas conflict and vowed to seize the cargo ships with Israeli flags on them. The rebels have previously shot missiles at Israel, which were intercepted by the US Navy, which was stationed in the Red Sea. The ship is named the Galaxy Leader, bound for India with a crew of approximately 25 people.  The news website Axios has reported on its website that the Israeli author Description - Unveiling Perspectives, Empowering Minds

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President Mohamed Muizzu ask India to withdraw soldiers

President Mohamed Muizzu with Kiren Rijiju The new President of the small island nation of Maldives has requested India to remove its military personnel stationed at the island. Removing the presence of foreign military presence on Maldivian soil was one of the main promises of the new President of Maldives. Indian Minister of Earth Sciences Kiren Rijiju was present at the inaugural session of the new President Mohamed Muizzu. The Minister of Earth Sciences held a meeting with the new President to discuss improving ties and cooperation between the neighbours which are also democracies.  The new Pro-China President of Maldives, Mohamed Muizzu, on Saturday 18th November 2023 made a formal request to the Government of India, asking India to withdraw its military personnel archipelago, and people familiar with the matter said it was agreed the two sides would discuss “workable solutions” to the issue. Muizzu, who is closely aligned to former pro-China president Abdulla Yameen, made the req

EAM S Jaishankar asks Global South to focus on self-reliance and reducing dependence on China

EAM Jaishankar at the 2nd Voice of Global South Summit India is currently hosting the 2nd Voice of Global South Summit in which the leaders of all the developing nations come together to discuss important issues like the global economy, climate change, etc. India pioneered this initiative to give voice to the developing nations, also known as the Global South which are often depressed which rich Western countries.  India's External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar yesterday on 17th November 2023 attended the Foreign Minister's Session. The Global South should focus on self-reliance by diversifying production, building reliable supply chains and promoting local solutions to overcome the “perils of dependence...on far away geographies”, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said on Friday in a thinly veiled swipe at China. Addressing a session for foreign ministers at the virtual Voice of Global South Summit, Jaishankar said there continues to be resistance to a greater role for t