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I have written a new poem about my experience with 2 girls in the last 2 years.  I have published it as ebook. You can check it out right here: Amazon: Apple: Kobo: Smashwords: Google Books: Play store:

"Forget" by Mayank Vikash: A Poetic Exploration of Love and Loss

"Forget" by Mayank Vikash: A Poetic Exploration of Love and Loss In "Forget," Mayank Vikash, a gifted 16-year-old poet from India, offers a collection of poignant verses that delve into the universal themes of love, friendship, and the complexities of the human experience. With keen observation and a sincere voice, Mayank captures the echoes of heartbreak, the whispers of memories, and the transformative power of letting go. Key Features: Timeless Themes: The collection navigates the labyrinth of emotions, providing readers with a timeless and relatable journey through the human heart. Cultural Richness: Hailing from India, Mayank infuses his poetry with the vibrant colors of his homeland, creating a tapestry that transcends cultural boundaries. Release Date: "Forget" is set to be released on December 26, 2023, promising readers an immersive experience into the beauty and depth of Mayank's verses. Connect with Mayank Vikash: Twitter: @MayankVikash1 How

"Forget" Description

 "Forget" by Mayank Vikash: A Poetic Odyssey Through the Heart In the eloquent verses of "Forget," Mayank Vikash invites readers on a profound journey through the labyrinth of emotions that define the human experience. At the tender age of 16, Mayank unveils a collection of poems that resonate with the timeless themes of love, friendship, and the inevitable passage of time. 🌌 Embracing the Universal Human Experience: "Forget" transcends the ordinary, delving into the shared tapestry of emotions that bind us all. With a poet's keen observation and a heart that beats with sincerity, Mayank captures the echoes of heartbreak, the whispers of memories, and the transformative power of letting go. 🎨 A Palette of Cultural Richness: Hailing from the culturally rich landscapes of India, Mayank infuses his verses with the vibrant colors of his homeland. The bustling streets, the scent of spices in the air, and the warmth of familial bonds find expression within

About "Forget" by Mayank Vikash

About "Forget" by Mayank Vikash Welcome to the emotional odyssey of "Forget," a collection of poignant poems penned by the young and talented Mayank Vikash. At the age of 16, Mayank weaves a tapestry of emotions that transcends the ordinary, delving into the universal themes of love, friendship, and the intricate nuances of the human experience. 🖋️ The Poet Behind the Verses: Mayank Vikash, hailing from the culturally rich landscapes of India, brings a unique perspective to his poetry. His words reflect the vibrant colors of his homeland, drawing inspiration from the diversity and beauty that surrounds him. Despite his youth, Mayank's verses resonate with a depth that goes beyond his years. 🌟 What to Expect in "Forget": "Forget" is not just a collection of poems; it's an exploration of the echoes of heartbreak, the whispers of memories, and the transformative power of letting go. Each verse is a carefully crafted piece, inviting readers

Exciting News! Unveiling "Forget" by Mayank Vikash 🌟

 Exciting News! Unveiling "Forget" by Mayank Vikash 🌟 Dear friends and poetry enthusiasts, I am thrilled to share a special announcement with you! After months of introspection and creative exploration, I'm excited to reveal my latest poetic venture, "Forget." 📖 About "Forget": "Forget" is not just a collection of poems; it's a journey through the intricacies of love, friendship, and the tapestry of emotions that define the human experience. Each verse is a piece of my heart, woven into words that resonate with the universal stories we all share. 🌈 What to Expect: Join me as I explore the echoes of heartbreak, the whispers of memories, and the transformative power of letting go. "Forget" is more than a collection—it's an invitation to connect with the emotions that make us human. 📆 Save the Date: The official release of "Forget" is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for 26th December 2023 to immerse yo


Forget I was in grade eight, When I met a girl by fate. She was a senior and completely off the charts, But was able to penetrate the interior of this stupid heart. I met her first on the way to school, She looked like an angel in the uniform which was the rule.  We didn't talk much that year, Because I was a stranger, maybe that was what she feared. In the grade nine, our relationship was just fine. We were friends really close, we would be together I supposed. I remember an incident from the past, She almost fell on me because the driver applied the brake quite fast. I had never seen her before this close, That may be the reason I am writing this prose. Her beauty is what I admire, But being with a person of personality like her is what my heart desires.  I joined a tuition to excel in my academics, She was in the same tuition, which is what I found dramatic. We were standing outside, waiting for sir. I couldn't think what to say, that's why I said to her with utmost prid

Forget About the Author

 At the age of 16, Mayank Vikash emerges as a young poet from the vibrant tapestry of India. Born with a pen in hand and a heart brimming with emotions, Mayank crafts verses that transcend the boundaries of age, offering a poignant exploration of love, friendship, and the nuances of the human experience. Hailing from the culturally rich landscape of India, Mayank draws inspiration from the diversity and beauty that surrounds him. His verses reflect not only the universal themes that connect us all but also the unique colors of his homeland. The bustling streets, the scent of spices in the air, and the warmth of familial bonds find a place within the lines he weaves. Despite his youthful age, Mayank Vikash's poetry resonates with a depth and sincerity that belies his years. His work invites readers to embark on an introspective journey, where emotions are laid bare, and the complexities of relationships are explored with a keen and discerning eye. As he continues to navigate the int

Forget Acknowledgment

 As I share these verses with you in "Forget," I am deeply grateful for the support and inspiration that have shaped this poetic journey. To the friends and loved ones who have shared their stories and allowed me to glimpse the intricacies of their hearts, thank you for being the muses behind these words. Your experiences, laughter, and tears have infused this collection with authenticity and depth. A heartfelt appreciation goes to those who offered encouragement during the moments of creative solitude, and to those who patiently listened as I wove emotions into poetry. Special gratitude to [mention any specific individuals or influences], whose guidance and presence have left an indelible mark on this work. Lastly, to the readers who embark on this poetic voyage, may these verses resonate with your own experiences, stir emotions, and serve as companions in the shared tapestry of our human stories. —Mayank Vikash

Forget Preface

In the quiet corners of introspection and the echoes of shared moments, the verses of "Forget" emerged as a contemplative exploration of the intricate dance between love, friendship, and the inevitable passage of time. These words, penned by Mayank Vikash, transcend the boundaries of mere poetry to become a reflection of the universal human experience. As the author, Mayank shares a piece of his soul within these lines, drawing inspiration from the tapestry of his own journey through relationships, both fleeting and enduring. "Forget" is more than a collection of verses; it is a chronicle of emotions woven into the fabric of existence. It is an offering, an intimate glimpse into the complexities that shape our connections and influence the way we navigate the labyrinth of our hearts. May these verses resonate with you, dear reader, in moments of joy, reflection, and, perhaps, in the bittersweet embrace of letting go. Mayank Vikash extends an invitation to explore th

Forget Foreword

 In the delicate tapestry of emotions, Mayank Vikash weaves a poignant narrative with his poem, a profound exploration of the complexities and nuances that accompany the journey of love and friendship. With a keen eye for detail and a heart attuned to the rhythm of human connection, Mayank invites us into a world where memories, both cherished and painful, form the very fabric of our existence. As you embark on this poetic odyssey, allow the verses to speak to you, unraveling the threads of shared laughter, silent confessions, and the inevitable passage of time. Mayank's words serve as a timeless reminder that within the ebb and flow of relationships, we discover the true essence of ourselves and those who grace our lives. In "Forget," Mayank Vikash opens a window to the soul, inviting readers to reflect on their own experiences of love, loss, and the enduring spirit of friendship. This collection is more than poetry; it is an introspective journey, a lyrical meditation o

Forget Epigraph

 In the dance of memories, where hearts collide, Echoes of forgotten whispers and moments reside. - Mayank Vikash

Forget Poem Copyright

Copyright © 2023 by Mayank Vikash. All rights reserved. This poem, including all of its parts, is the intellectual property of Mayank Vikash. It is protected under copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast without the prior written permission of Mayank Vikash. For inquiries about using or licensing this poem, please contact Mayank Vikash at Unauthorized use or reproduction of this poem may result in legal consequences.

Decoding the Matrix: A Deep Dive into the Labyrinth of AI Model Training

Decoding the Matrix: A Deep Dive into the Labyrinth of AI Model Training In an era where artificial intelligence reigns supreme, our journey into the heart of machine learning begins. 🤖✨ Brace yourself for an exploration into the complex realm of AI model training, where algorithms dance in the digital ether, shaping the future of intelligent systems. Unraveling the Layers of Learning Ever wondered how machines learn? Prepare to be enlightened. Our odyssey starts with Supervised Learning, a digital tutorship akin to teaching tricks to a canine companion. 🐾 We guide the AI model with labeled data, rewarding it for correct responses. It's the foundation—a ballet of data and algorithms creating a symphony of intelligence. But wait, there's more! Enter the enigmatic Unsupervised Learning, where the AI is a curious child given an array of building blocks without explicit instructions. It discovers patterns and relationships independently, mirroring the creative chaos of a young mi

AI Models are cool things, but how are they trained?

AI Models are cool things, but how are they trained? The year 2023 is coming to an end. This year, Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI taking over the world, ChatGPT, Sam Altman and Elon Musk made millions of headlines. You do not need to worry; I am not talking about any of it today. I too feel tired of reading all these stories. OpenAI coup was interesting, I should admit that, but pretty much else kinda made me fed up.  Artificial has impacted our way of living quite interestingly. You see, the Internet is mostly a safe place as long as you just surf the surface, but it does not hesitate to become nasty once you take a deep dive below and the creepy part about it is that the deep below the sea of the internet is quite addictive. You do not need to care about fake content or fake news as long as your source of information is just mainstream media - not disagreeing that they publish fake news mistakingly. But, mainstream media is known to publish and circulate a set narrative s

Introducing a Fresh Look: Unveils Striking New Default Cover for a Seamless User Experience

I prefer the second one more  **Introducing a Fresh Look: Unveils Striking New Default Cover for a Seamless User Experience** In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital realm, aesthetics play a pivotal role in capturing the essence of innovation and creativity. Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of as we unveil a brand new default cover, designed to elevate your online experience to new heights. As a platform committed to delivering cutting-edge content, we understand the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The new default cover serves as a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of design trends and ensuring that our users have an immersive and seamless experience every time they visit ### A Symphony of Design and Functionality Crafted with precision and passion, the new default cover encapsulates the spirit of Inspired by modern desig

different tones for the new book

Certainly! The tone of a story reflects the author's attitude toward the subject matter or the emotional atmosphere of the narrative. Here are examples of different tones you might consider for your love story: 1. **Romantic:**    - Example: "Under the moonlit sky, their hearts danced to the rhythm of an unspoken connection, weaving a tapestry of love that painted the world in hues of passion." 2. **Reflective:**    - Example: "As the years passed, he often found himself gazing into the distance, reminiscing about the love that once filled the hallways of his youth, now a bittersweet memory etched in time." 3. **Whimsical:**    - Example: "In the quirky ballet of life, their love pirouetted through unexpected twists and turns, proving that sometimes the most enchanting stories are written in the margins of the ordinary." 4. **Melancholic:**    - Example: "The echoes of love lingered in the empty spaces they once shared, a haunting melody that play

things to include in new book

 To create a compelling narrative for your love story, consider incorporating the following elements: 1. **Vivid Descriptions:** Paint a vivid picture of the settings, characters, and emotions involved in each scene. Use descriptive language to immerse readers in the world of your story. 2. **Character Development:** Explore the personalities, motivations, and growth of the main characters. Show how their experiences shape them and influence their decisions. 3. **Dialogue:** Craft authentic and engaging dialogue that reflects the personalities of the characters. Use conversations to reveal emotions, conflicts, and the evolving dynamics of relationships. 4. **Conflict and Tension:** Introduce and develop conflicts that add tension to the story. This could include internal struggles within characters or external challenges they face. 5. **Pacing:** Balance the pacing of the narrative to maintain reader interest. Gradually build tension during key moments and allow for moments of reflecti

prompt for new story

 "In a narrative capturing the poignant intricacies of adolescence, explore the transformative journey through unrequited love, unnoticed connections, and the evolving dynamics of relationships. Begin with the vivid backdrop of school life, where an infatuation with a senior girl initially consumes the protagonist's attention, oblivious to the existence of another girl sharing the same educational space. Navigate the narrative through the departure of the senior girl, triggering a serendipitous discovery of the overlooked connection with the other girl. Unfold the tale of a blossoming friendship, the emergence of mutual feelings, and the subsequent fading away of this newfound connection. As the protagonist grapples with the complexity of emotions, delve into the introspective aspects of personal growth, offering insights into the transformative power of love and its enduring impact on one's journey. Conclude with a resolution or lack thereof, and reflect on the overarchin

Outline 2 of new book

 I. Introduction (Approx. 1,000 words) A. Opening Scene (300 words) 1. Set the scene during your school days when you first noticed the senior girl. B. Background (700 words) 1. Provide context about your life during that time. 2. Introduce the senior girl and your initial feelings. II. The Buildup (Approx. 2,000 words) A. Establish Characters (500 words) 1. Introduce the senior girl and the other girl in your tuition. B. Setting (500 words) 1. Describe the school and tuition environment. C. Early Events (1,000 words) 1. Detail your interactions with the senior girl. 2. Highlight the obliviousness to the other girl's presence. III. The Turning Point (Approx. 4,000 words) A. Senior Girl's Departure (1,000 words) 1. Describe the departure of the senior girl and its impact. B. Discovery of the Other Girl (1,500 words) 1. Narrate how you started talking to the other girl. 2. Explore your growing friendship. C. Mutual Feelings (1,500 words) 1. Describe the development of mutual feel

Outline for the new book

I. Introduction (Approx. 1,000 words) A. Hook/Opening Scene (300 words) 1. Set the scene or introduce a significant moment. B. Background (700 words) 1. Briefly provide context about your life at that time. II. The Buildup (Approx. 2,000 words) A. Establish Characters (500 words) 1. Introduce key individuals involved in the incident. B. Setting (500 words) 1. Describe the environment and atmosphere leading up to the event. C. Early Events (1,000 words) 1. Highlight relevant events or circumstances preceding the incident. 2. Build tension or anticipation. III. The Incident Unfolds (Approx. 4,000 words) A. Detailed Description (3,000 words) 1. Provide a thorough account of the incident. B. Emotions and Reactions (1,000 words) 1. Explore your emotions and the reactions of others. 2. Capture the intensity of the moment. IV. Aftermath (Approx. 1,500 words) A. Immediate Consequences (500 words) 1. Discuss the immediate impact of the incident. B. Reflection (1,000 words) 1. Share your thought

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141 Opposition MPs Suspended from the Indian Parliament

141 Opposition MPs Suspended from the Indian Parliament A total of 141 Member of Parliament of the opposition has been suspended for the rest of the session of the house in India.  The reason for their suspension is unruly behavior and preventing the House from carrying out its proceedings. The members of the opposition were protesting against the security breach in the Indian Parliament and asking the Home Minister, Amit Shah to explain why and how it all happened.  The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla refused as it is not the Central Government's duty to ensure the security of the Parliament.  The members refused to accept the decision of the Speaker and started protesting and creating a ruckus inside the House. This restricted the house from carrying out its proceedings and led to the multiple adjournment of the house in a single day.  There are many ways to showcase your disagreement with someone, but this is the worst way. The members are respected elected representatives by

Working women make better mothers

Working women make better mothers Humans are one of the best creations of God. He created men and women with different bodies and purposes. It is a common belief among people that men are tough and women are delicate, so men should go out and earn a living for the family while women should stay at home and look after the family. It is wrong. Both are created equally with equal talents and potential. In this essay, I will write in support of the statement, "Working women make better mothers." Women are bestowed a special gift by God. The ability to give birth. This makes them special and in some cases better than men, but it has become a common belief in some orthodox societies that giving birth is their sole purpose. These societies restrict them from being financially independent and having a job. We should understand that women are special and more capable. Working mothers are financially autonomous so they can make decisions that are best for their children without thinkin

I have my Maths Pre-Boards Exam in 7 hours

I have my Maths Pre-Boards Exam in 7 hours It is 1:07 am on 16th December 2023 at the time of writing.  As someone who has an exam in 7 hours, I should have been fast asleep till now, but I decided to scroll through my phone and read Tweets (nowadays called X Posts I guess).  This may look like an odd behavior. When people hear of a child having an exam the next day, they imagine the child staying awake all night and preparing hard for the examination. Surely, I should be doing it too but I rather chose not to. The reason for my strange and out-of-common behavior is that I have already done quite a lot of practice. I have reached that point when I try to look at a question in my ICSE ML Aggarwal Maths book, my lazy instincts kick in and I suddenly don't want to do it anymore. When I am talking about this strange behavior of mine, I should also be adding how I spent the previous day of my Maths Pre-Boards Examination. I don't need to share my personal, but I want to extend this

Sample Daily Journal for myself

Sample Daily Journal for myself I am going to start journaling soon. It will all be available on this website. I will try to comp)te it daily after my exams gets over.  **Title: A Student's Daily Journal: Navigating Academia and Beyond** **I. Introduction** Today marked the beginning of a new chapter in my student journey, and I eagerly embarked on documenting the intricacies of the day ahead. The purpose of this journal is to delve into the nuances of academic life, personal growth, and the delicate dance between the two. **II. Morning Routine** The gentle chime of the alarm signaled the start of the day, and as I opened my eyes, thoughts of upcoming classes and assignments flooded my mind. A quick breakfast, accompanied by the soothing aroma of coffee, set the tone for the morning. **III. Classes and Lectures** The classrooms buzzed with intellectual energy as professors imparted their wisdom. In Philosophy class, we dissected profound concepts that lingered in my thoughts throug

Daily Journal Outline for myself as a Student

Daily Journal Outline for myself as a Student I am going to start journaling. It will not be regular as I have exams soon but I will try to write here whenever I get time and I will also include my thoughts and pictures from daily life.  **Title: A Student's Daily Journal: Navigating Academia and Beyond** **I. Introduction**    - Brief overview of the purpose of the journal.    - Setting the tone for the day ahead. **II. Morning Routine (Approx. 150 words)**    - Wake-up routine and the initial thoughts of the day.    - Morning rituals, such as breakfast and preparation for the day. **III. Classes and Lectures (Approx. 200 words)**    - Highlights from various classes and lectures attended.    - Notable insights, challenges faced, or interesting discussions. **IV. Breaks and Interactions (Approx. 150 words)**    - Social interactions during breaks.    - Any unexpected encounters or discussions with peers. **V. Afternoon Activities (Approx. 150 words)**    - Afternoon study sessions

My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December

My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December (In the picture above, I can be seen solving Chapter 1 GST from my ICSE Std 10 ML Aggarwal book in my tuition notebook with a pencil) Exams are one of the very few things that make even the most arrogant teenager wet his pants.  I don't really "love" exams as some nerds do, but I also don't hate them. I somehow always succeed in scoring good marks despite my average preparations and little effort.  Most of my peers indeed get pressured exams and they think, "Now, I am only gonna study and do nothing else." My father doesn't agree with this kind of treatment for the examinations. He always says, "Never study for an exam because examinations are conducted on what you have studied." I have my maths pre-boards in 3 days. I am doing a little bit of preparation and somehow I  am still not serious.  I have 20 chapters in the book and I have still a few left untouched.  "What, are you saying

The Boy Who Loved

When you are ignored by a person whose attention means most to you, the reaction in your brain will be similar to physical pain. The Boy Who Loved Jay was sitting at his usual seat in the class, at the last seat. He was one of the students who would usually not look up at the board, but today was special. He was looking up, straight towards the blackboard. His teacher was surprised also and thought the child was finally improving.  It was true he was looking up, but not focusing on his studies or listening to what the teacher was teaching. He was looking at the new girl in the class, Aarya. She was sitting at the front bench. When she first arrived in the city three days earlier, Jay was one of the first to see her as she moved to the house next to his on Sixth District Street. She was 15 years old with black hair and dark brown eyes. Her eyes were as deep as the ocean and as calm as the sky; Jay would look at them all day without blinking. She was taller than most of the other girls o