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Reached 500 clicks on Google

  Today's Morning was rough but by the setting, it was so pleasant. I recently received an email from Google Search Console in which I was congratulated on reaching 500 clicks from Google Search in the past 28 days. This news is motivating. I am glad to see the progress of and the results of my hard work. Thank you! Everyone who ever visited this website. I love writing and with this website, I can keep improving it and try to add some valuable things for the world to read. I had a chat with a friend. I am completing my project work, so I may be less active here. But I will try my best to keep the site updated regularly and add valuable content. Thanks Again.

I was able to learn so much while completing my history project

  I posted a screenshot of the History project on Twitter yesterday. I said in the tweet that I was working on my History project, which is taking so much effort.   I was also able to learn so much while doing it. I have still left several projects and as my vacation ends, completing all those is such a headache. But I am enjoying completing my projects, I can learn new things while doing the research for the projects.  I am planning to complete my History project today only. I guess I probably had to sit all night to complete it, but it is worth skipping sleep. I will share it on my website when it gets completed.

New post on Hindi | Mayank Vikash

 I have recently posted a translated version of my original post on Check it out:

Working on History Project

 I have started my History project today. The topic for my project is "United Nations and its Agencies". Currently, I have to complete the introduction of the United Nations. I have defined it, stated its purpose, and currently written the events which led to the formation of the UN charter. I am writing it on Google Docs and will publish it on my website after it is finished.

My latest story on China

 I have recently published my recent story on China . I have spent hours researching for this story.  I have also criticized China and explained how India could be a better option than Bejing for controlling the supply chain of Semiconductor technologies.  Writing stories about China is an enjoyable task and criticizing it for its weird policies is the best thing I could do in my free time. 

Could not start writing the story on China because of the power outage.

As I mentioned in the previous post , I was going to start my article today around 2 pm. Currently, it's 2:24 pm, and there is a power outage because of the storm, so I guess I have to wait before I could start my article.  I will try my best to complete it by 11 pm. 

It's taking so much research and effort for my new story on China

China has recently made a major mistake, and I am writing a detailed story on that. I also plan to pitch it to Business Insider, let's hope it gets accepted. It's currently 11:42 am at the time of writing. I will start the article around 2 pm. I am doing a lot of research on this story, and this is going to be viral.  I will try to complete it by today. 

Created About and About Me for

 I have recently created "About" and "About me" pages on with the help of the AI chatbot ChatGPT.  The "About" page first starts with the definition of and why it was created, then a little bit of history and then it explains what is the aim of the website and what type of content it is going to publish, and changes the website hopes to bring in the world with its contents. On the other hand, the "About me" page in about me, Who am I (Mayank Vikash)? What I do from where I got the inspiration to start, what are my skills and interests. Check out both the pages here:

Welcome to

Welcome to Blog - Mayank Vikash  Here I will post a blog about random stuff. I will also share about myself here! I will also share some awesome stories of my life here! I will try to post at least one post per week.