About the website

mayankvikash.in is a digital website publishing articles and explanations on various topics including tech, programming and international affairs.

mayankvikash.in mainly focuses on publishing tech news and topics. It currently introduces and explains complicated tech topics and events from all over the world to people who do not have any special knowledge in the field.

mayankvikash.in was first started in 2020 when the creator Mayank Vikash started learning web development. At that time, he only published his different website designs and other front-end development projects. Later he started publishing front-end tutorials and Java programs tutorials.

The website always looks for fresh topics and now also publishes essays. 

mayankvikash.in is completely free and is ad-free since 2020.

Old articles are not available on mayankvikash.in anymore.

Tech details

Owner: Mayank Vikash
Hosted: GitHub, Blogger
Date started (new domain): 3rd October 2022
Update frequency (including subdomains): Thrice a week

About the creator

Mayank Vikash is a student from India passionate about tech and writing. He writes on mayankvikash.in, his personal website, which he started in 2020. He was born on 16th August 2007 in Delhi, India. 

Mayank is currently 16 years old and mainly focuses on improving his essay skills. When he started the website he initially posted Java programs, now he covers major tech news and geopolitical events in the world.



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