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Write a short story entitled "Advice not taken"

Write a short story entitled "Advice not taken"  Advice Not Taken In a small town located in the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh, lived a boy named Anil. He was a young and energetic lad of age ten. Children do not like studying and Anil was no different from the rest of kind. He hated sitting at once place the most. To study, he was required to sit and concentrate, but the young soul of Anil refused to abide by such rules. He liked running the most. He used to run all day around the town as long as he has stamina left. His mother was always worried about him and she would always say, “Do not go outside the town into the forest.”  One day, Anil wondered, “Why does mother keeps saying I should not go into the forest. Maybe there are mango trees in there and mother wants to keep them to herself.” So, the boy set off for the forest. He liked mangoes, but the villagers would not let him eat from their trees and his family did not grow mango trees on their land. He had to wait for his

A Visit to a Plant Nursery and Discovery of My Greatest Friend Part 1

A Visit to a Plant Nursery and Discovery of My Greatest Friend Part 1 I was not a very good person at socializing with others. It is not like I hate anyone or see them as inferior to me, I just do not know how to talk to others. It was always too much for me to walk up to someone and initiate a conversation. I was always too lazy to accomplish such a simple task. But now it was getting too much out of hand. I was going to turn sixteen this year, I should make a friend. I want to make a friend.  All these years, I just sat quietly in the class. When it was a free period or lunchtime, other normal students would talk to each other, play or have practice matches of chess and other games. I never felt that I was lonely. I had already volunteered myself to the school's student committee. I was already busy enough to keep my grades up. Volunteering took a lot of effort and I was usually given tasks that could be done alone. It felt like fate did not want me to have friends. Now that I th

You wake up to the sound of an unusual noise coming from outside your window. Intrigued, you peek out and see a figure standing there, unlike anything you've ever encountered before. Write a story about this unexpected visitor and the impact they have on your life.

You wake up to the sound of an unusual noise coming from outside your window. Intrigued, you peek out and see a figure standing there, unlike anything you've ever encountered before. Write a story about this unexpected visitor and the impact they have on your life. It was raining quite a lot on the 22nd of December, which was unusual during chilly winter months.  I was fast asleep in my bed with a giant white-colored blanket covering my whole body. If someone had seen me, they would have said that I looked like those white silk cocoons. Last night, I was playing games till the hour hand of my bedroom clock struck three. I was tired and feeling sleepy as I was playing probably my 15th multiplayer match. My team had won six or seven games as I recall. It was enough for the day. So we decided to continue the match on next Saturday night.  It was almost noon. I didn't say the time on the clock but I can say for sure. The soft warmth of a winter day made the time obvious. I heard a

Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1

Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1 Our world is full of problems. People have stress, depression, and anxiety. Some smoke to get temporal relief, some take the help of liquor, while others hold their head and cry quietly as they realize how weak they are and their incapability to change their situation even in the slightest.  But there exists a world, on a different planet far from here. Humans estimated it to be thousands of light years.  This new world is unique. The concept of sadness, fear, or anger is unknown to them. Humans cannot explain the simple psychology of the people of this land. Humans call this land, Paradise and the people, Paradisans. Paradisans are perfect being who lives for eternity, they never die thus, they also don't need to reproduce. Any illness that may be fatal to humans is nothing for them. They are said to have eternal youth and intelligence unparalleled to human comprehension.  According to legends, God when created the universe and thousands of galaxies i

The Boy Who Loved

When you are ignored by a person whose attention means most to you, the reaction in your brain will be similar to physical pain. The Boy Who Loved Jay was sitting at his usual seat in the class, at the last seat. He was one of the students who would usually not look up at the board, but today was special. He was looking up, straight towards the blackboard. His teacher was surprised also and thought the child was finally improving.  It was true he was looking up, but not focusing on his studies or listening to what the teacher was teaching. He was looking at the new girl in the class, Aarya. She was sitting at the front bench. When she first arrived in the city three days earlier, Jay was one of the first to see her as she moved to the house next to his on Sixth District Street. She was 15 years old with black hair and dark brown eyes. Her eyes were as deep as the ocean and as calm as the sky; Jay would look at them all day without blinking. She was taller than most of the other girls o

The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption Part 1

The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption "See. You don't have to turn up like him," said a mother to her son. "But what is his fault? He is hardworking," replied the father. "He is indeed hardworking, but he is not efficient," said the mothers. Talk like these are no new things for people whenever they pass the State Bank, for the security guard was one of the most unsuccessful lads to be born in the town's history, according to the locals. The security guard, Kabir Verma - who was 39 years of age - was still stuck at the low-income job.  The mothers will scare their sons that if they don't study, they will turn up like him in the future, with no girl to marry them.  It was not like Kabir was illiterate. He was pursuing his Master in Science. Just that he was trying to clear the exams from the last 10 years.  When he first failed, he had no one in the family except an elder brother, but now there is no one he can call

The Person who greeted everyone

The Person who greeted everyone There was a young boy in an unnamed town. He had shifted to his new home on 2nd Street just a few hours ago. He was a tall and charming person who wore only casual outfits.  Just a few hours after he moved, he realized the neighborhood was not as friendly as he would have wanted. It was a big town in a big city. People moved in and outside the town frequently. The people were too busy greeting every new neighbor or offering a farewell to those who were leaving. The men went to work in the early hours of the morning while the women did the household chores.  It was the time of the Internet. People no longer liked to spend time with their neighbors. Men no longer talked to each other after coming home, women watched television and scrolled their phones, and children preferred playing online games. Students no longer had to be physically present for the classes as with modern technologies they can attend classes from their home.  The air became more and mor

Reflecting at my life: Everything Bad about me

Reflecting on my life: Everything Bad about me I have been on Earth for sixteen years. I have done a lot of things since I was born; some are good, and most are bad. I have said and done many things - both intentionally and unintentionally - which caused pain to others that I cannot imagine nor can I ever understand. I am not a bad person, at least I think so, but my deeds are bad. There were times when people overlooked my misdeeds saying that I was merely a child, but I do not blame them as someone told me my face looks like that of an innocent person. As the saying goes, the most sinful people are dressed in the most formal attire. I am the best living example of this saying. At least, I am best at something aside from hurting others. I have committed all the seven cardinal sins in just my sixteen years of living, namely: Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. I have done the wrong things. How many times? That even I cannot remember. I am writing this to confess all m

The October Killings Chapter 2

Tragic Loss Strikes Family as Sole Breadwinner Found Dead in Ranchi Truth Finder Staff Ranchi, Oct 2, 2022: In the capital of Jharkhand lived a joyful family of four members. Mr Arjun Patel, the Director of Education for the State Government of Jharkhand was the sole breadwinner of the family.  Mr Arjun reportedly went missing yesterday morning when he went for his regular morning walk at 6 a.m. When he did not return after 4 hours, his wife Sudha Patel started calling his friends and sent out their eldest son to look for him, reports Vaibhav Kumar. "We called his friends and I sent our eldest son to look for him," said the housemaker.  Locals of 7th Street found a body around 11 p.m. near the southwest Ranchi canal.  "We received a call around 11 at night. We were told that someone was lying near the 7th Street. This place does not witness many crimes. Initially, we thought that it was probably some drunk person," said sub-inspector Rajesh Singh who has been assig

The October Killings Chapter 1: Mr. Sharma

The sky was dark. Grey clouds blocked the sun's warmth from falling on the small town of Aldaye. A gentle patter of rain now started falling on the streets of Light Square. People moved hurriedly and pulled out their umbrellas, those without it took shelter beneath the sheds of the shops. At first, the rain was gentle, producing soothing music, but now it became intensified. The streets shimmered with the reflected glow of streetlights and the headlights of cars passing by. It was the first October shower in Aldaye, bringing relief after the scorching summer heat. Pratas Sharma, a tall man wearing an onyx black suit, stood in front of a coffee shop waiting for the rain to stop. He looked at his wristwatch, deftly pulling up his sleeves. It was 9:27 p.m. Mr Sharma was late again for home. He promised his daughter that today he would reach home on time for her birthday celebration, but he had forgotten yet again. He owned the news website Truth Finder  which was popular among the lef

The Bridge of Unity: A Nationalism Story

Once upon a time, in a diverse land known as Harmonia, there was a small town named Brookville. The people of Brookville hailed from various ethnic backgrounds, spoke different languages, and held different customs. Despite their differences, the people of Brookville lived harmoniously for generations, bound together by their shared love for their country, Harmonia. One day, as the sun cast its golden glow upon the town, the mayor of Brookville, an elderly woman named Mrs. Anderson, received some distressing news. The government had decided to build a new bridge across the river that separated Brookville from a neighboring town, Oakridge. This news, though seemingly insignificant, stirred up a whirlwind of emotions among the people of Brookville. You see, the people of Brookville were fiercely proud of their town, and they felt a deep sense of belonging. They feared that the new bridge would bring an influx of outsiders and threaten the cultural harmony they had maintained for generati

Ethan Blake and his experience with the ghost

On a chilly autumn night, well past midnight, Ethan Blake found himself wandering along a desolate road, completely disoriented. He had taken a wrong turn and lost his way in the dark labyrinth of the town's outskirts. Fatigue had settled in, and hunger gnawed at his stomach. As he continued down the road, he spotted a warm, inviting light emanating from a charming cottage nestled amidst the trees. He approached cautiously and knocked on the door, hoping for some directions to find his way back home. The door creaked open, revealing a pretty woman with a warm smile. Her name was Amelia, and she graciously offered him dinner, sensing his weariness. Ethan, who lived alone and often struggled with cooking, couldn't resist the offer and accepted her kind invitation. The dinner was a delightful feast, a home-cooked meal that warmed his heart as much as his stomach. As they dined, they shared stories and laughter, as if they had known each other for years. Time flew by, and soon Etha

The Digital Divide: How the US Triumphed in the New Cold War

In the not-so-distant future, the world found itself thrust into a new era of geopolitical tension. The United States and China, two global superpowers, were engaged in what had been dubbed the "New Cold War." It wasn't a war fought with guns and bombs but rather a battle of economies, technologies, and information. At the heart of this struggle was the control of the digital world. Both nations understood that the one who dominated the digital landscape would wield unparalleled power and influence. And so, the race was on. Chapter 1: The Great Digital Divide China had been making strides in the realm of technology for years. Its companies were giants on the global stage, and its government was investing heavily in artificial intelligence, 5G infrastructure, and cybersecurity. The world watched as China's digital empire expanded, leaving many to wonder if the U.S. was losing its technological edge. Chapter 2: The American Resurgence However, the United States wasn'

The Fairest Lady

Part 1: A Serendipitous Encounter On a tranquil morning of May 10th, 2023, I awoke with a strange sense of anticipation. Little did I know that this seemingly ordinary day would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey that would intertwine our destinies in ways I could never have imagined. As a 16-year-old teenager attending English tuition, my days were typically unremarkable. However, that day, there was an air of excitement as a new student joined the class. Tall and mysterious, he exuded an aura of intrigue that drew everyone's attention. His jet-black hair framed his handsome face, and his dark eyes seemed to hold the secrets of the universe. From the moment our eyes met, a magnetic force seemed to pull us together. I was spellbound by his presence, and as he introduced himself as the "new boy," I couldn't help but feel an inexplicable connection with him. Over the next few weeks, our encounters increased, and we found ourselves drawn to each other like mo