A Visit to a Plant Nursery and Discovery of My Greatest Friend Part 1

A Visit to a Plant Nursery and Discovery of My Greatest Friend Part 1
A Visit to a Plant Nursery and Discovery of My Greatest Friend Part 1

I was not a very good person at socializing with others. It is not like I hate anyone or see them as inferior to me, I just do not know how to talk to others. It was always too much for me to walk up to someone and initiate a conversation. I was always too lazy to accomplish such a simple task. But now it was getting too much out of hand. I was going to turn sixteen this year, I should make a friend. I want to make a friend. 

All these years, I just sat quietly in the class. When it was a free period or lunchtime, other normal students would talk to each other, play or have practice matches of chess and other games. I never felt that I was lonely. I had already volunteered myself to the school's student committee. I was already busy enough to keep my grades up. Volunteering took a lot of effort and I was usually given tasks that could be done alone. It felt like fate did not want me to have friends.

Now that I think about it, I wonder why no one else ever came up to me to talk to. I guess it was because those guys thought I was just an arrogant scorer rich kid who finds it disgusting to even set his glaze at lowly commoners. But I was neither arrogant nor rich.

This was all going to change soon. I would be soon able to make a friend who would be most faithful, most trustworthy and most honourable. This friend is special as I do not need to force myself to socialize with him. In fact, there would be very little communication with spoken words. We would understand each other through our emotions and not through traditional means. One could also say that we would use telepathy to communicate among ourselves, but in reality, it is just our feelings of true friendship. My situation was going to change soon. 

It was the last week before the summer vacation. We were given a group project to prepare a report on the working of a plant nursery and what are its benefits. The word limit was 1000 words. Though it was a group project individual submissions were allowed. No need to say as you can already guess. I was one of six unlucky fellows who were not approached or accepted by any group. In my case, I was not approached by any group and I was too shy to ask someone to let me join them. Of the remaining 5, one was a rather creepy girl, I would say. She was a study maniac like one of the remaining 4 boys. Oh, I forgot to say, they were the first and second top scorers of the class respectively. I held the third position, but I was the most isolated one in the class. Others would at least go to them to ask doubts or ask for assistance in the homework. I was never since becoming one of the top scorers approached by a fellow classmate.



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