The October Killings Chapter 2

The October Kills Chapter 2

Tragic Loss Strikes Family as Sole Breadwinner Found Dead in Ranchi

Truth Finder Staff

Ranchi, Oct 2, 2022: In the capital of Jharkhand lived a joyful family of four members. Mr Arjun Patel, the Director of Education for the State Government of Jharkhand was the sole breadwinner of the family. 

Mr Arjun reportedly went missing yesterday morning when he went for his regular morning walk at 6 a.m. When he did not return after 4 hours, his wife Sudha Patel started calling his friends and sent out their eldest son to look for him, reports Vaibhav Kumar.

"We called his friends and I sent our eldest son to look for him," said the housemaker. 

Locals of 7th Street found a body around 11 p.m. near the southwest Ranchi canal. 

"We received a call around 11 at night. We were told that someone was lying near the 7th Street. This place does not witness many crimes. Initially, we thought that it was probably some drunk person," said sub-inspector Rajesh Singh who has been assigned this case.

"When my juniors reached there, they were shocked. They immediately called me. I was off-duty and was sleeping but I arrived at the scene within 15 minutes. Mr Patel is a popular figure, so we did not need to send his body for identification. We called his home and informed the family of the mishappening," added Mr Rajesh.

Mr Patel, 42, was the Director of Education for the last 3 years. His family includes a 40-year-old wife and two teenage sons of 13 and 18 years respectively.

His eldest son, Aryan Patel is a Science student studying in Std. 12 of St. John's School. He wishes to be an "engineer and work for the development of the country."

The family has a two-story house in Ranchi and a farm in Bihar. 

"We are investigating. There are many suspects in such high-profile murder cases, but we will find the guilty and bring him to Justice. We do not know much now. I have directed all the police forces to look into the matter," said the Police Commissioner.

Mrs Patel refused to comment further. 

Suspicious killings have suddenly increased across the country. The authorities have failed to bring anyone to justice till now, though they made several arrests, but most were let free after a few days.



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