Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1

Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1
Beyond Immortality: Chapter 1

Our world is full of problems. People have stress, depression, and anxiety. Some smoke to get temporal relief, some take the help of liquor, while others hold their head and cry quietly as they realize how weak they are and their incapability to change their situation even in the slightest. 

But there exists a world, on a different planet far from here. Humans estimated it to be thousands of light years. 

This new world is unique. The concept of sadness, fear, or anger is unknown to them. Humans cannot explain the simple psychology of the people of this land. Humans call this land, Paradise and the people, Paradisans.

Paradisans are perfect being who lives for eternity, they never die thus, they also don't need to reproduce. Any illness that may be fatal to humans is nothing for them. They are said to have eternal youth and intelligence unparalleled to human comprehension. 

According to legends, God when created the universe and thousands of galaxies inside it, he wanted to fill it with life. He created a formless being made of the energy of life from his breath. The being was too perfect and almost like God and his angels in all respects except it had emotions. Even though he had emotions, he could only feel joy and eternal bliss. 

God was happy but He wanted more emotions, so He created the first two human beings. They were fragile and could die after a certain period but they were the best in the Universe and could feel various emotions like God himself. 

With time, the humans multiplied. They could die so they were required to reproduce. This made the perfect being made only of life energy feel his first negative emotion, jealousy. God always favored humans and they were dear to Him more than even his angels. He was feeling guilty. He cannot allow himself to feel negative emotions. God made him a perfect being. He wanted to kill himself but as he was immortal he could not. 

He wanted to reproduce too, but he was all alone. He didn't have any reproductive organs. Therefore, he divided himself into seven equal parts. It created seven new beings now called Paradisans. Paradisans are neither male nor female. They are just a dense mass of life force.

Human eyes cannot comprehend their divine nature so their mortal brain thinks them of humans without reproductive parts and both male and female at the same time. 

Paradisans enjoy the strength of laughter and joy. They are made of pure and divine energy with no traces of any negative emotions. 

Contrary to their nature, their home was not that peaceful. When God made the first perfect being, the Universe was still young. God ordered the being to reside on the planet at the very center of the Universe. The climate was harsh and it still is after millions of years. The climate in Paradise is both hot and cold, sunny and rainy, dry and humid, and wasteland and swampy. The atmosphere of the planet is full of gases that could kill any human within seconds at the same time it is as pleasant as the aroma of the flowers. The day shines as gold and the night glooms no less than the innermost of the black hole.

But this is nothing for the Paradisans. They are always smiling and always shining as brightly as an angel. 

Ordinary humans are forbidden to enter Paradise, but only the braves of the bravest and the mightiest of the mightiest are invited by the Paradisans. 

The bravest warriors could also challenge one of the seven Paradisans and if won, he would be allowed to replace that Paradisan. No human has ever been able to survive more than 10 minutes in such a harsh climate. Their corpses rot at the front gate of the Paradiese and skeletons that are hundreds of years old could still be found inside the soil. 

The Paradise soil contains small traces of Life energy which drops from the Paradisans. It is because of this energy that the skeletons of the dead humans become alive and roam outside the gate of Paradise waiting for their suffering to end and merge with God after death, but they are also immortal. They have not achieved immortality fully and because of that they still have to suffer the pain of the harsh climate of the inhumane planet. 

Millions of humans are trained since childhood and still, a handful of them even reach Paradise after traveling for light years in their advanced aircraft fueled by materials that are only available to humans in the entire universe. 

No human has ever entered the gate, no one was born to do so until now, in the year 2870. He is said to be blessed by God himself.

The Paradisans are becoming more and more egoistic with each day passing. They have also given up their faith in God and now rule their galaxy and the beings living in it. 

The mighty human was born strong. It is said that he was able to crush rocks even before he was able to walk. His muscles grew more than those of two human beings combined. He was given the title of Champion of the Earth. 



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