Write a short story entitled "Advice not taken"

Write a short story entitled "Advice not taken"
Write a short story entitled "Advice not taken"

 Advice Not Taken

In a small town located in the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh, lived a boy named Anil. He was a young and energetic lad of age ten. Children do not like studying and Anil was no different from the rest of kind. He hated sitting at once place the most. To study, he was required to sit and concentrate, but the young soul of Anil refused to abide by such rules. He liked running the most. He used to run all day around the town as long as he has stamina left. His mother was always worried about him and she would always say, “Do not go outside the town into the forest.” 

One day, Anil wondered, “Why does mother keeps saying I should not go into the forest. Maybe there are mango trees in there and mother wants to keep them to herself.” So, the boy set off for the forest. He liked mangoes, but the villagers would not let him eat from their trees and his family did not grow mango trees on their land. He had to wait for his father to bring one mango each day when returning home from work. But his urge was not satisfied with just one. 

He left his home early in the morning when everyone was fast asleep. The forest was a kilometer away from the town. It was very dense filled with long trees seemed to touching the sky. He went further inside the forest and after an hour of searching, he finally found some wild mango trees. He ate them, not only one but three, four and so on till his urge was satisfied. It was still pretty early when he completed his feast. He decided to take some mangoes to home. “I will show mother and father how kind I am by giving them one mango each,” he thought. 

When he decided to turn back for home, he realized that all the ways look same and he found himself completely lost in the nature’s maze. He wandered for two hours and began to cry. Hearing his voices, the woodcutters from the town rushed to him. They come to the forest regularly to get woods, so they were familiar with the ways. They led him out the forest and he thanked them for the help. 

When he returned home, his mother asked in a worried voice, “Where were you? I was looking for you since morning.” He replied, “Sorry mother, I promise I will do what you will say from now on.” His mother forgave him and hugged him. After that, the whole family enjoyed the mangoes he brought from the forest for dinner.



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