The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption Part 1

The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption
The Unseen Burden: Kabir's Journey Through Loss and Redemption

"See. You don't have to turn up like him," said a mother to her son.

"But what is his fault? He is hardworking," replied the father.

"He is indeed hardworking, but he is not efficient," said the mothers.

Talk like these are no new things for people whenever they pass the State Bank, for the security guard was one of the most unsuccessful lads to be born in the town's history, according to the locals.

The security guard, Kabir Verma - who was 39 years of age - was still stuck at the low-income job. 

The mothers will scare their sons that if they don't study, they will turn up like him in the future, with no girl to marry them. 

It was not like Kabir was illiterate. He was pursuing his Master in Science. Just that he was trying to clear the exams from the last 10 years. 

When he first failed, he had no one in the family except an elder brother, but now there is no one he can call his family. His brother told him to leave the house after getting married when he started to become a burden. 

In those days, when he lived with his brother, he did not need to care about anything. He was well-fed, his fees were paid, and he had clothes. He started taking things for granted. He never realized that a full-grown man without a job is an extra mouth to feed and a burden on the shoulders of those who earn. 

He used to think that he should not need to worry about anything. He never needs to earn. After all, his beloved brother was alive to look after him and to pay for his expenses. 

Whenever someone told him to stop following his dreams and look for a job or just pick a part-time job, he would "Bhaiya will take care" with a proud in his voice.

It has been 7 years since his brother asked him to leave. One dark and stormy night, when he returned late to the house, he found his brother at the door with his bag packed. It was that time when he heard those unpleasant words.
He thought that his brother was joking or making fun of his unemployment with his wife and children. Kabir asked him again with a stutter in his voice.

When he heard the reply, "Just leave the home or get yourself a job. I have a family of my own and money doesn't fall from the air that I will feed you for my whole life."

"I have a family of my own" this repeated in his mind even now. The brother whom he treated respected, and loved like a God said these words. If his brother had said it with just a slight bit of sympathy or care for him, he would have been this sad about it. But it was pure selfishness that made his brother utter these words. 

He said not a single word. He picked up the bag which contained his books, progress reports, and other achievements of his academic life. He walked away. His heart still refused to believe what his ears had heard. 

He walked on the lonely streets which were deprived of even street lights. He did not think about where he was going. Those words were still ringing in his head. He was thinking about the times when he used to play with his brother, sleep in the same bed, eat in the same place, and study at the same school. 

"Everyone was right," he said to himself. "I should have worked hard and studied so that I would get a job. I should have looked for a job and not spent the money on my luxury like my other friends did. They are from a rich family, they can afford those expenses. I shouldn't have demanded all those things and wasted the hard-earned money of my brother."

"Who would have kept a useless person like me?" he asked to himself. 

He now found himself in a completely unknown street. He was so busy in his thoughts and so absent-minded that he did not notice that he was being followed. He was cornered by four or five masked men. He could not remember properly. They asked for money. When he refused, he was beaten. They took his bag, and checked it; nothing was there except books. They threw the bag and checked his pockets. It had 2 notes of Rs. 500. They took them along with his phone. He was left there injured.



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