Completed the biography of 1st writer for Hindi project, now writing the secomd one


I know, I write terribly in Hindi. I will improve my handwriting later. 

I have just completed the biography of Indian author Premchand a few hours ago then took a short break for just 2 hours (it is not short).

I am now writing the biography of the 2nd of the 18 authors Jainendra Kumar. 

I have read a lot of biographies, but these biographies of authors from British India are different. It shows their achievements as well as their struggle. Their families not having enough wealth to get them proper education. They had to switch multiple jobs as the economy at that time was in a bad situation, but they did not leave their hobby and kept writing.

Some were banned from publishing and were sent to prisons for their nationalistic ideologies.

I am truly amazed at how these nationalistic authors kept on writing. If others were fighting for freedom through protests and wars, these fighters were fighting it through their literary works.

I am so glad to read about these great personalities' biography. 



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