Man Walks Out Of Interview Over 15 Minutes Delay, Internet Reacts


Everyone in the business world expects people to arrive on time; however, some individuals who feel they have the upper hand believe they are exempt from this rule.

One person who went to appear in an interview felt similar lethargy from the employer, and he walked out of the interview after waiting for some time. The incident was posted on Reddit, where it was shared by the individual, creating a forum for discussion.

"I walked in the front door of the facility at 2:30 today, exactly when I was due to meet the director in the front lobby. I spoke with an employee who paged him, and I was told that he'd be right over "in just a minute."

"At 2:45, I just walked out and left. 15 minutes. I know our industry, and there's no good reason for me to wait more than a few minutes. All I see is a giant red flag waving: "This company is testing your patience because they want to be sure that the candidate is desperate because they're going to abuse them."

The post unleashed a Pandora's box of opposing opinions, which were displayed in the comment area.

"The interview for my current position started about 30 minutes late, but it was communicated to me immediately when I got there that there was an issue being worked on. So I waited in the lounge and eventually got to my interview. The key point was that someone explained to me what was happening right away instead of just having me sit there," commented a user.



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