Manuscript and Plot for "The Fairest Lady"

The name of this novel is "The Fairest Lady". It is a story of a teenage girl narrated by her. The girl will become immortal today as she will marry the Prince of Darkness today. The prince is the oldest and most powerful being on earth and he is a vampire but the word "vampire" is not mentioned anywhere. The girl writes this book so that she will not forget after thousands of years how she met her love again. The girl then continues to narrate the story of exactly 1 year ago how she met the prince and what had happened in this 1 year. The date of today is 10th May 2024 and the story starts on 10th May 2023. 

The girl is a 16 years old teenager. She goes to English tuition. Once, there came a new boy in the tuition. He was tall and had black hair and dark eyes. The girl was quickly attracted to him and started spending time together. The descriptions of both characters are in detail and there is a detailed description of how the relationship between them is established.

The boy got very close to her. There was once an incident when the girl asked the boy to share his social media, but she was surprised to know that the boy was not having any social media accounts.

The girl narrates, one night when she was sleeping, she felt that the boy was there in her room he had long teeth and red eyes and his teeth were on her neck and the girl could feel his sharp teeth. The next day when she woke up she thought that it was all a dream.

After spending months together, the girl finally decided to tell her friends about her love. When she told her friends about this new boy, she was surprised to know that there was no new boy who joined the tuition and no one saw the boy that she described anywhere.

The girl was shocked to know the truth about the boy so she was afraid to meet him now. She decided to follow the boy the next day. She arrived at an old mansion on the outskirts of the city. It was night by the time she reached his house and she was terrified by all the voices around. She was eventually attacked by a servant - a vampire - of that boy but when the servant realized who she was, he bowed on his knees and asked for her forgiveness. On asking about the boy, the servant gave a detailed description of his true evil character. He used the lines "In the morning, he is the most talented. In the afternoon he is the most powerful. At night, he is the strongest. At midnight, he is the most evil." The servant goes on to tell the story of his master. He tells that the boy is actually thousands of years old. A long time ago he was a prince of a kingdom and he fell in love with the princess of the enemy kingdom. Upon his request, his family agreed to their marriage and sent a request for marriage to their long-time enemy. On the day of the marriage, the other kingdom betrayed them and launched an assault on the prince's kingdom. In that assault, everyone was killed, even the princess was killed and the prince was taking his last breath. That time, the devil appeared before him and proposed to him a contract. According to the contract, the prince was required to rule the hell as the devil was bored of ruling it and in return, he will get unlimited power of the evil. The prince accepted it and with his new powers, he killed everyone with his rage and wiped almost all the life from the planet. He had become powerful, but there was one weakness of him. It was that his love was no more. He came to know from the devil that she will be reborn and the girl came to know that she is the princess.

The girl upon learning his truth, decides to confront him and today, that is 10th May 2024 they are getting married and the girl will become the princess of darkness and rule the hell together with her prince.

The title of the novel "The Fairest Lady" is significant because this is what the boy used to call the girl every time.  



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