Starlit Night Dream

In twilight's grasp, the stars arise,

A dance of light across the skies.

A crescent moon, a silver smile,

Guides me through the night, a while.

The breeze whispers in rustling leaves,

As nature's symphony softly weaves.

A chorus of crickets, a frog's lullaby,

Nature's music, a soothing sigh.

Beneath the heavens' cosmic show,

The world seems small, and worries go.

A moment of peace, a soul's retreat,

A chance to ponder, to find my beat.

The city's hum begins to wane,

As midnight's cloak tightens its rein.

Shadows dance, and spirits play,

In this enchanted world, I stay.

I lose myself in dreams untold,

As stars above their stories unfold.

Each twinkling light, a tale of old,

A timeless saga, forever retold.

In this nocturnal, magical sphere,

I find a solace, free from fear.

Embraced by darkness, yet I see,

The beauty in this mystery.

So let me linger, just a bit more,

Where dreams take flight and hearts can soar.

For in this realm where wonders gleam,

I find myself in starlit dream.



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