Twitter User Shares Intern Asked For ₹ 50,000 As Stipend For 5 Hours Of Work, Debate Begins Online

 Sameera Khan, the Director of People Success at Infeedo recently posted on Twitter about her experience of interviewing a Gen Z intern. Her post has sparked a debate on Twitter about the work-life balance sought by Gen Z professionals.

Ms Khan in her now-viral post mentioned that she was interviewing a Gen Z intern who was looking for a work-life balance and not work more than five hours. "I was interviewing a GenZ intern today and he says he is looking for work-life balance with not more than 5 hours of work," she wrote.

The intern also mentioned that he doesn't like MNC culture and wanted to work at a startup. "Doesn't like the MNC culture so wants to work at a startup. Also, wants a 40-50k stipend. God bless the future of work."

See the post here:

Gen Z's demands sparked a debate among social media users.

A user commented, "5 hours of daily work at a start-up?"

"He needs to work 100 hours a week for 5 years and get to a senior position in big tech. Then he can get 40-50 lakhs with less work than that," another user wrote on Twitter.

"So true! Just met a young cousin who rejected a '9-5' because it interrupted his 'prime gaming hours'. The future is fascinating," the third user commented.

There was a section of people who supported Gen Z's idea of work.

A user commented, "On the contrary, we've had good experiences. Our Gen Z interns proactively improved the productivity of one of our teams by 4x through process excellence. With some tough love and guidance, they do pretty well. They're scared of recession and are willing to go the extra mile. I guess there will always be bad apples."

Another user wrote, "Well not only this, in three months he will quit all of sudden after training and say 'maza nahi aa raha hai'"



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