Viral Pic Of Bengaluru Bus Driver Posing With Road Challan Sparks Hilarious Reactions


A photo of a Bengaluru bus driver being issued a challan (fine) for taking an incorrect turn has gone viral on social media and sparked hilarious reactions from internet users. 

It all started when the school bus driver was taking a wrong U-turn on a busy road near the Garudacharpalya metro station in Bengaluru. A Twitter handle named "FixBangalorePls" shared a video of the bus taking the wrong turn. "@ChrysalisHigh Your school bus full of students is driving down wrong way under Garudacharpalya metro station from Brigade Metropolis. Bus number KA53AA6189 . @blrcitytraffic please impose severe fine, being school bus and endangering life of so many kids is not done," the user wrote. 

In another tweet, the Twitterati shared the video of the school bus doing a dangerously sharp U-turn again. "This is today, despite the complain, the same bus. what action is taken?" they wrote in the caption. 

This is when the unexpected twist unfolded as the traffic police shared a photo of an officer handing the road challan (fine) to the bus driver in a reward-giving gesture. "Fined Bus driver," the Mahadevapura Traffic Department tweeted. 

This photo with the bus driver holding the fine receipt and the police officer standing next to him has sparked a flurry of hilarious reactions from Twitter users. Several people even jokingly asked if the bus driver had been given an award for what he had done. 

"Great job, @blrcitytraffic By looking at the driver's expression, he be like, 'I was expecting a bigger award'" wrote one user. "Ha Ha! It's more like handing over the key at the time of first sale of a new model vehicle," said another. 

A third commented, "Looks more like the driver accepting the reward," while a fourth added, "Looks like Amitabh Bachchan giving a rewarding cheque to winner". 

Since being posted, the picture has garnered more than 228,000 views and nearly 200 likes. 



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