Preparing for Maths Test

It's 7:10 PM IST at the time of writing and I have a Maths test in 20 minutes in my tuition. The chapter is "Section Formula." It is quite an easy chapter with just three formulas, so I do not have to struggle much in learning formulas. 

The chapter states the formula to find a point P between the line AB when it is divided in a ratio by that point. 

There is only one exercise in this chapter which has around 30 questions and there are 16 more in the Chapter Test which is present at the last. 

I have already completed the Exercise and the Chapter Test and today I was solving the Solved Examples which are around 23.

The questions are not even that much tough. I just have to put the value in the formula and do a little bit of Std. 4 calculations to get the answer. 

I am hoping to get all the questions correct on the test.

Right now, I got tired of solving all these questions, so decided to write about my experience on this Blog. 

I was getting bored of solving similar kinds of questions again and again but overall the chapter was fun and easy. 

I remember a few weeks ago when my school teacher was solving problems from this chapter, I was not able to understand a single thing, but now this chapter is nothing for me as I know the concept. 

The next chapter is Equation of Straight Line which is currently going on in my class and like before I am not able to understand a single thing. I guess it is also an easy chapter. 

I will give my test today and after completing the third exercise of Circles, which is 15.3, I will start Equation of Straight Line. 

I will update this post soon when I return from tuition to tell you about my performance. 

Update: The test got canceled and is now scheduled for Saturday. 



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