The Indian Government should not take any chances with the security of G20

In this article, published on India Today, author Rishabh Sharma explains why the security of the G20 summit matters and why should we be spending so much money on the security of the Global leaders. 

The author gives an example of the mass protests at Canadian G20 summits hosted in Toronto in the year 2010. 

He also gives the example of violent protests in London just a year before in 2009 in which an innocent newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson died when he was struck by a police officer. 

Many bystanders and journalists are among those who were arrested during these protests. 

He further explains how the protestors vandalized public and private property, torched the police cars, and caused disruptions. 

Rishabh also mentions the reason why these protests take place. A lot of people disagree that just 21 people should make decisions that will impact Global Trade and Commerce. Several see the G20 summits as a way of spreading capitalism. 

In India, till now, no major protests have taken place except one in Amritsar by the Farmers' Union. The author argues that some left-minded people criticize the government for spending so much on these summits. 

"But why so much security for an event? The compulsive critics of the government took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express frustration, claiming the restrictions made the city look like it was under a "lockdown".

However, history suggests that increased security is a necessity, as G20 and other global economic summits in the past have faced massive protests. The violence during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto was the most violent episodes in Canada's recent history."

While it is true that India has got a lot of problems of its own to tackle first. But the world sees us as a Global Leader and when we get the opportunity to host Global events like G20, we should put our 100% into it. 

The leaders like Presidents and Prime Ministers of the top 20 economies have come to India to attend the summit, It is our duty to provide them full protection and treat them with the best hospitality, after all, we are known for treating Guests like gods. 

The protests during these events leave a negative image of the country which lasts forever. India is being seen as a Global Leader with the goal of development for all. We should allow people to protest peacefully, but vandalism should be strictly restricted. 

We do not have to worry about protests like that of the UK and Canada because our citizens are rather excited about top leaders coming to India. India and Indians want to create an image of India that will inspire others to act as an example of how to treat guests. 



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