A message to our friends in Israel

A message to our friends in Israel

Today is the 19th day since the Israel-Hamas conflict started. Hamas terrorists attacked Israel on October 7. The militants, who are most active in Gaza fired around 2,200 rockets from the small strip of land on October 7, and thousands of Hamas fighters breached the borders and entered Israel slaughtering around 1,400 Israelis in the nearby towns and murdering 200 in the open music festival.

Images and videos have appeared online showing how horrifically Hamas monsters have killed families, children, women, and even newborns. 

Their actions are so cruel that no punishment is enough. 

There have been many wars on this land and history has seen many barbarous scenes committed by the invaders. Human Beings evolve and we should evolve from these ravageous actions. We are walking towards becoming a civilized society, working towards a more humane approach.

Wars are not wrong. Some are fought to uphold justice and truth, but most are fought because of the ego, desire for power, and wealth of a handful of people. 

Wars should be fought like they used to be fought: in an open field and with a righteous heart. 

What Hamas did was more than wrong and beyond any forgiveness. The anger of our friends in Israel is understandable. 

The State of Israel declared war on Hamas on October 7, 2023. The retaliation strikes by Israel now have killed more than 5,000 people including 2,000 children. 

The International community initially supported Israel because it was a victim. The support is now fading off. 

I live in India and sitting safely at home, I cannot know what the pain and hurt Israeli citizens have gone through. But sitting in India away from the warzone has an advantage too. My emotions are not fueled by the events I have experienced - though I am really sad and devastated after reading all the news about the poor victims from Israel. I can look at the situation with a more rational approach. 

Hamas killed children (and yes let me repeat it is unforgivable) but Israel should not bring itself down to the level of the terrorists.

If someone kills your loved one, it does not mean that you should also kill theirs. 

It is sad to hear about all those deaths and tears would come from anyone's eyes after reading about the brutality with which those animals conducted their misdeeds. 

Please Israel. It is a request. Do not kill civilians. The people who gave orders for the attack - the leadership of Hamas - are sleeping in their comfy beds in Qatar and Turkey. You have got one of the best intelligence agencies. Use them to execute who is responsible. 

Retaliating against the innocents makes no sense. Yes, I know these are the same people who cheered after the October 7 attack. But they are also filled with anger. Israel, you keep taking their territories. They are equally frustrated. No country would come to their rescue, not even their so-called Muslim brothers. They are frustrated.

Please end this war and make a peace treaty. If you look at the numbers, you have killed more than they had, so it now makes no sense to continue the war. Execute the leadership of Hamas. Those 30,000 militants are pawns. They cannot do anything without orders.

I hope you understand this message and do not interpret it wrongly. I should mention that I and all Indians openly support Israel in their fight against terrorism but peace should be established. Try to understand. Hate against Jews is at its peak. Jews are getting killed, as you can see in China a few days ago. Do not give those radicals a reason to be against you and make the living of Israeli citizens outside impossible. 

Try to understand Israel. This war has been forced upon you. Try to look at its timing. Why did Hamas attack when there were talks of the India-Middle East- Europe Corridor? 

In the end, I would like to acknowledge that I am a nobody and certainly have no special knowledge in the complex field of War and Diplomacy, so I apologize to all those whom I have directly or indirectly caused pain. 

Those who do not agree with my opinions or would like to add more to this article. Please write about it in the Comments. It is open to all and please keep it friendly. I love to know about people and their opinions, so I request you to write them down. 

Love ❤️  to the State of Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ  from a friend residing in the Republic of India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ. 

I pray for the safety of all Israeli friends and innocent civilians of Gaza.



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