Diary: 28th October 2023. I should start focusing on studies

I should start focusing on studies
I should start focusing on studies

A couple of weeks ago, I had my second terminal exam and it did not go well. The results are yet to come. I had performed worse in the first terminal and this term my biology and chemistry papers went very badly. 

My concentrations from studies are fading away. There are a lot of reasons for this but one of the biggest distractions is my digital devices like my mobile phone. 

I had a ten-day vacation after the exam ended and I wasted all these days on the phone. I could recall that when my second-term examinations were still going, I had thought that I would study hard in the holidays after the exam, but I certainly failed to do so. I wasted most of my time watching Anime and YouTube videos and reading useless novels that were of no single importance to me according to my curriculum.

I am feeling so bad and I am also shocked at how I became like this. I spend hours chatting with my friends and when they go for lunch or study sessions, I wait for them staring at the screen and watching YouTube videos. 

My life has almost become dependent on others. I need to bring change in myself. 

I cannot believe how many days and precious hours I have wasted on these stupid things that have no significance nor they are going to be useful to me in the future.

I have decided that I will disconnect myself from the Internet and work hard. I had a dream of getting more than 90% in the 2024 Std. 10 Council Examinations but at this moment when I look at my preparations, it seems impossible.

I don't know what I have made of myself. It is hard for me to score even 80% in my current exams when I do not have my full book and just a handful of chapters. 

It's 12:13 a.m. at the time of writing and I am going to go revise some chapters.

I have started an initiative to improve my studies. I have told my friend to prepare the Climate chapter in Geography and that we will ask questions from each other tomorrow.

I have just completed the reading of the chapter and now I am going to look again and learn the key points. 



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