Diary: I felt so good after preparing my best after such a long time.

Diary: I felt so good after preparing my best after such a long time.
Feeling better after a long time

I had been not focusing on my studies for a long time. I decided yesterday that I would prepare two chapters from two different subjects. I studied Climate in Geography and HCl in Chemistry.

I had never felt this better for a long time. I had always liked the feeling of preparing the chapter before it was taught in school and then answering it in class. 

I had read the chapter and learned every point. Today, when my sir in the tuition was explaining the chapter I was able to answer all the questions he asked.

I had so much fun discussing with my friends about different questions and teasing them with my questions.

I also prepared 20 questions from the climate chapter for my friends. I will include them in a separate post. I remember all the points so well. I am not able to describe the emotions but I felt really good like before just as I used to feel when I knew every answer, like "I am the God. Ask me anything."

It is 12:52 am at the time of writing and I am now going to study My Greatest Olympic Prize by Jesse Owens and the Endocrine System in Biology.

I will write about tomorrow's class. 

I hope to prepare some more questions for my friends for tomorrow's class and will try to be a smart guy again.

Aside from having a good study session, I also had a lot of fun with my friends including debating on the possible answers to the different questions. 

All my other batchmates had different books issued by their schools, so our points did not exactly match but they were more or less the same. 



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