Elon Musk offers 1 billion dollars to Wikipedia if it changes it names

The world's richest man Elon Musk has offered the free encyclopedia and one of the most visited websites Wikipedia 1 billion dollars if the online encyclopedia changes its name to "Dickipedia."

Tesla CEO and owner of X (formerly Twitter) wrote in a post on X, “I will give them a billion dollars if they change their name to Dickipedia.”

“Please add that to the [cow and poop emojis] on my wiki page,” he continued in another post. “In the interests of accuracy.”

When one user, journalist Ed Krassenstein, suggested the online encyclopedia take the deal, saying that it can “can always change it back after you collect,” Musk added a condition to his offer.

“One year minimum. I mean, I’m a not fool lol,” he wrote.

Musk had made multiple posts earlier Sunday criticizing the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia, for asking for money.

“Have you ever wondered why the Wikimedia Foundation wants so much money? It certainly isn’t needed to operate Wikipedia,” he wrote on X. “You can literally fit a copy of the entire text on your phone! So, what’s the money for? Inquiring minds want to know …”

The app’s “Community Notes,” which allows users to sign up to become contributors and create notes on posts for context, left an explanation under his post initially stating that Wikipedia handles “over 25B page views per month and over 44M page edits a month, requiring substantial operating costs.”

Elon Musk likes taking risks, especially with his money. Previously, he had made several attempts to buy other services and platform and had also challenged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg.




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