“Every person must have some skill in life.” Describe an important skill that you are learning, giving the various advantages that will accrue to you after learning it.

Skills are one of the most crucial things for a person's development. Every individual must have it. Skills make a person unique from the masses. In today's competitive world, having at least one skill becomes essential. Skills like time management, critical thinking, and writing can be helpful for students to excel in their studies. They can also help to make a good impression in front of the employers. Employers prefer candidates having skills with less academic performance over those with no skills but high academic performance. Skills can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the work, as someone with leadership skills can head a project or a department effortlessly. Skills can help an individual to adapt to different challenges faced during their lifetime. Skills are of several types, like reading, teamwork, and communication, but writing is the most significant.

I am currently learning to improve my writing skills. I believe the ability to write and convey my message to others is the most significant skill. Writing is a powerful skill that expresses thoughts and emotions to others. It is a means of communication that has been for centuries and used as mean to preserve information and detailed description of valuable events. It can improve critical thinking and learning abilities. It can also enhance the individual's potential to analyse and construct arguments. Writing can improve vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Writing is one of the best ways to get your opinion on a particular topic to the public. According to a survey, there is a much higher chance of job applicants getting hired with excellent writing skills as they could create presentations and documentation along with regular work. Writing can also be an alternate source of income. It is also a profitable carrier option as people with good writing skills can become journalists, content writers, authors, and even copyright writers. It can improve productivity and time management as people need to think before writing something down, and that too, before the deadline. Writing can also refine his creative and organising abilities, as he needs to research and structure them carefully for writing an essay or documentation. Whether it is a news article or a persuasive essay, every piece of writing has a motive, and if written correctly, it can have a remarkable impact on society. It is a skill which no one can master, and there is always something new to learn and practice.

Strong writing skills are a valuable asset, which everyone should at least learn the basics of. It is crucial for communicating thoughts, emotions, ideas and expressions with others. Writing enhances critical thinking and analytical abilities, encouraging individuals to evaluate evidence, construct logical arguments, and solve problems. It allows individuals to self-express and use their imagination, which fosters personal growth and self-reflection. It can provide job opportunities and alternate sources of earning. It sharpens memory and makes a positive impact on the society. Writing is vital for individuals to share and form unique perspectives on a particular issue.

Written by Mayank Vikash

Published on Sunday, 4th June 2023 at 6:23 IST

Last updated Sunday, June 4, 2023, at 6:25 IST



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