ISRO successfully confucted Gaganyaan failure test

Crew Module sucesfully landing in Bay of Bengal
Crew Module successfully landed in the Bay of Bengal

The Indian Space Research Organisation conducted the third big test for the Gaganyaan Mission yesterday the 21st of October 2023.

The Gaganyaan Mission aims to send astronauts into space, which is expected to be carried out by ISRO in the year 2025. 

The liquid-propelled single-stage Test Vehicle (TV-D1) lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on a brief yet consequential flight carrying a homegrown system that would be crucial for the safety of the Indian astronauts in case of an emergency during the Gaganyaan Mission.

The Crew Escape System which was tested yesterday made sure that the three-men orbital mission that will be sent to space in 2025 is capable of ejaculation of the crew during unforeseen situations. 

The test was initially planned for 8 a.m. yesterday but was postponed to 10 a.m. because of unfavorable weather conditions.

The test validated the motors that will be used during this mission, which included low-altitude motors, high-altitude motors, and jettisoning motors that will be put to use to safely eject astronauts away from the vehicle in case of an emergency. Isro chief S Somnath declared the mission complete and the objectives achieved.

"Mission Gaganyaan TV D1 Test Flight is accomplished. Crew Escape System performed as intended. Mission Gaganyaan gets off on a successful note," Isro said.

The Crew Module is separated from the Crew Escape System at an altitude of 16.9 kilometers as it travels at a speed of 550 kilometers per hour. The drogue parachute is deployed next, slowing the vehicle's descent.

The Crew Escape System is a vital safety measure for human space missions. This system operates automatically on its own and regularly checks for any malfunctions after the launch.

It gets triggered if the automatic system detects any defects after the liftoff and ejects the Crew module, then the crew module opens its parachute and lands in the ocean from where the Naval forces of the country can rescue them.

These systems are not a new concept, but they are a remarkable achievement and an important part of space missions involving human astronauts.

The crew module used by ISRO successfully landed in the Bay of Bengal from where the Indian Navy recovered the module.



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