Printed Books are Better than E-Books


Books are one of the largest sources of knowledge. Besides giving information, they also improve vocabulary, reading, and imagining skills. Books also help in developing a perspective for a particular topic or viewing it from a different one.

Ernest Hemmingway, renowned American novelist and short story writer, once said:

There is no friend as loyal as a book

Books let us travel throughout the planet, different worlds and even outer space without lifting our feat. "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies". He experiences adventure, joy, fear, pain, and sadness through the author.

Many cultures encourage students to read books from an early age. In Indian culture, students were required to read the lessons, learn and understand by heart after the teachers had completed them. There are endless advantages to reading books.

Books are of different genres like mystery, adventure, fiction, history, non-fiction, horror, etc. Some provide information, while others are just for entertainment.

The first ever books were made from leaves and animal skins in Egypt. Later, when paper was discovered in China, they made the first-ever books with paper. Then, it was not till the 15th century that the books were printed. The Gutenberg printing press in Germany printed the first book, which was Bible, in the year 1450.

With the development of new technologies, nowadays printed books are converted into E-books.

An E-Book (short for Electronic Book) is a digital version of a book containing texts and images that can be read through a computer or a phone.

E-Books existed for a long time, but their popularity increased in the 2000s when the largest e-commerce platform Amazon started selling them and its e-book reading device Kindle in 2007.

This essay will state points for "Printed Books are Better than E-Books."

Books are something which you need to hold to get their complete pleasure. The cool covers, textures of the pages, printed fonts, and finally, the smell when you turn the pages of the book makes it feel like a book.

Our eyes are at constant exposure to Blue Light from phones, tablets and PCs. They need some rest, and nowadays, there is no rest for eyes from Blue Light emitted from PCs and mobile phones except while sleeping. Reading books for at least an hour a day can help our eyes get the necessary rest, and reading books can also increase our focus and concentration.

Mobile phones are one of the largest sources of distraction in the modern world. While reading an e-book on the phone, you may get a pop-up ad, a message notification, or a phone. But when you are reading a book in a quiet corner of your house or a library, it is just you and the book you are reading.

You can also read a book for hours if you find it interesting. Printed books will have a negligible effect on your eyes than e-books.

Books can also serve as decoration for your house. People with books in their houses are considered wise and intelligent by their guests. You can also make new friends when you find someone reading the same book as you are on a bus or metro.

Printed books are a better choice for people living in remote areas as the Internet connectivity is poor, and downloading e-books with poor Internet is difficult.

When you have completed reading your book, you can always share them with your family members and friends, or you can donate it to a local library.

You can also preserve printed books by packing and putting them in the storeroom. They are good memory, and you can also show them to your children. Books last for years, but a phone or tablet mostly lasts five to seven years.

If you prefer reading a book before sleeping, then printed books are best for you as lights from phones or PC can impact your sleep.

Reading an E-book or a printed book has its own merits and demerits. For some people holding a book and sitting on the couch is all the comfort they want; for others holding their phones and reading e-books while lying on their bed is best.

Written by Mayank Vikash

Published on 16th April 2023 at 23:55 IST

Last updated Apr 16, 2023, at 23:57 IST



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