Welcome to MayankVikash.in

Hello, Welcome to MayankVikash.in!

Welcome to MayankVikash.in

MayankVikash.in is the site to get all the latest news, tech updates, opinions and more. This website also publishes essays, stories and programming articles regularly.

New articles are published twice a week and guest authors also make appearances. I am also starting a new series on this site where I will publish interviews on this website.

Here is a list of things you can find on the site, but note I am going to publish more than just mention here.

  • Article: Regular 800-2000 word articles on various topics like current affairs, international affairs and tech
  • News: Latest news usually 500 words longer
  • Essays: Various school and college thought-provoking essays of around 500-1000 words
  • Stories: Short and long stories on various topics including fiction, horror, mystery, etc ranging anywhere from 800-10,000 words
  • Blog: Blog of MayankVikash.in website where random things will be posted
  • Shorts: Short posts including pictures or videos usually consisting of memes and other interesting things
  • Videos: Video section of the MayankVikash.in website where short and long videos on various topics like news will be published.
  • Diary: Random events and stories from my life
  • Guest posts: Posts from different authors around the world, usually my friends
  • Hindi: A complete section dedicated to posts in the Hindi language
  • Announcements: Announcements about this website and the future MayankVikash company
This website is mainly run by me with the help of my friends.

MayankVikash.in is owned and managed by Mayank Vikash, who is a student in India.

History of MayankVikash.in

This is a website I created in 2020 to host my programming projects mostly CSS animations. That time it was on a different domain then on October 2nd 2022 I bought MayankVikash.in the domain from Godaddy and today on 19th October 2023 I am updating the CMS of this website from Github pages to Blogger.

I like writing and MayankVikash.in provides me with a platform to write.



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