What type of friend would you like to have, someone who is rich, someone who is helpful or someone who is reliable? Describe which are the characteristics that are most important for you and why?

A friend is one of the greatest assets of a human being. He is a companion to whom we can look for assistance and support. He celebrates our joy and consoles us when we are sad. He takes part in our hobbies, encourages us and motivates us. He is the one who cheers us up in our hard times. He has an immense amount of influence on our daily life. A friend is one of the most crucial parts of human life. It is important to decide whom we choose to be our friend, for we tend to implement the behaviours and characteristics of our close ones in ourselves. In this harsh world, finding a good friend is as important as finding a source of income, for a good friend can not only assist us, but he can teach us, guide us, and just like the parents scold us if we ever do something wrong. A good friend can be the most influential mentor in one's life, second only to parents and teachers.

I would choose a reliable friend if I had to choose someone rich, helpful or reliable. A "reliable" friend is someone whom I can depend on. I can share my life's secrets with him and be confident that he will not utter them to someone else until his last breath. He will be loyal and faithful to me. He will put my interests over his. He will not hesitate to fight for me. He will stand beside me during my tough times. He will encourage me to carry out good deeds and prevent me from getting in trouble. If somehow I am distressed, he will not run but comfort me. Fortunately, I have one such friend - Aarav. He is one of those people if I did not meet, my day would not get finished. Once when I fell sick, he helped me to complete my project. He is closest to me after my parents and relatives. Whenever I feel low, he cheers me up like the sun brightens the sky after an overcast day. I am fortunate to have a friend like him.

Friendship is mutual relation. We should bring all the qualities in ourselves first if we expect our friend to have those qualities. We should treat him and respect him as we expect him to treat and respect us. A good friend is hard to find if found should be taken care not to disrespect the mutual relationship, or we could lose him. A good company can improve our lives and teach us several things, whereas a bad company can destroy our lives, so it is essential to differentiate between a good and a bad friend.

Written by Mayank Vikash

Published on Sunday, 21st May 2023 at 01:39 IST

Last updated Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 01:45 IST



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