Diary: How I celebrated Diwali 2023

Diary: How I celebrated Diwali 2023
Diary: How I celebrated Diwali 2023

Yesterday, the world celebrated the festival of lights, Diwali. 

People all around the world burned crackers, but I, following my pledge, did not burn any. 

I celebrated a clean Diwali, like what it used to be celebrated. I was also delighted that this year, following the regulation of the authorities, people avoided burning firecrackers significantly.

I didn't do anything special this Diwali.

I woke up at six, read the newspaper, went outside to bring the things my mother asked me to, and watched lots of YouTube videos. 

I have a vacation in school, so I don't have to go there for a week. 

I am trying my best to utilize this time in studying, but barely doing any. 

Yesterday, I completed Exercise 9.4 of my ICSE ML Aggarwal Class 10 math book and mostly spent all my day on the phone.

I also published a few stories yesterday as you can see by navigating the site. 

I wouldn't say that I did anything productive yesterday. I would rather say, it was another waste of a day.

I also did not do anything special to celebrate Diwali yesterday, aside from helping my parents a very little bit with the decorations. 

I also played some GTAV and RDR2 on my laptop, but again I just wasted my time.

Today is 13th November and I am planning to do a lot of study today.

I am going to complete exercise 9.5 which is the sums of Geometric Progression today. 



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