ED seizes property worth Rs 750 Crore linked to Congress leaders

ED seizes property worth Rs 750 Crore linked to Congress leaders
ED seizes property worth Rs 750 Crore linked to Congress leaders

The Government agency, Enforcement Directorate, which works to enforce economic laws in the country has seized assets worth Rs 752 Crore Of Company Linked To Gandhis.

Property worth Rs 90 crore belonging to Young Indian -- the company linked to Congress's Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi -- has been attached by the Enforcement Directorate in connection to its investigation into the National Herald case. The attached property includes the National Herald Houses in Delhi and Mumbai and Nehru Bhavan in Lucknow. Sources said the overall value of properties seized belonging to Associated Journals is 752 crore.

The Central agency is investigating an alleged money laundering case linked to the National Herald newspaper. The case involves allegations of cheating, conspiracy, and criminal breach of trust in the acquisition of the Associated Journals Limited -- which ran the newspaper -- by Young Indian Pvt Ltd.

The agency has already questioned Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge in this connection.

"ED has issued an order to provisionally attach properties worth Rs. 751.9 Crore in a money-laundering case investigated under the PMLA, 2002," the ED said today in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

"Investigation revealed that M/s. Associated Journals Ltd. (AJL) has proceeds of crime in the form of immovable properties spread across many cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow to the tune of Rs. 661.69 Crore and M/s. Young Indian (YI) has proceeds of crime to the tune of Rs. 90.21 Crore in the form of investment in equity shares of AJL," the post read.

Mr. Kharge, in a post on X, said reports of attachment of AJL's properties by the Enforcement Directorate "are a clear indication of the BJP's panic in the ongoing elections".

"Reports of attachment of AJL properties by ED reflects their desperation to divert attention from certain defeat in the ongoing elections in each state," posted Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi on X.

"An assignment of the loan without transfer of any immovable property or movement of money is being dressed up to justify attachment & freezing of assets of a company which runs an iconic voice of Indian independence event (sic) -- National Herald -- only cz its linked to INC & its legacy," read another of his posts.

"These petty vendetta tactics shall not cow down the Congress or the opposition," read a third.

The Congress has always accused the Centre of misusing central probe agencies for political vendetta, insisting that there is no evidence of money laundering or any monetary exchange.

The Indian National Congress has made headlines many times before not because of doing something good for the public, but because of corruption.

ED has arrested many corrupt leaders of political parties who have several charges including charges of money laundering.

Many people have appreciated the efforts but some supporters of the Opposition have called the moves politically motivated and are accusing the Central Government of using Government Agency against the opposition leaders. 

The ED has said numerous times before that it does not work on the orders of the Central Government. 



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