India lost the 2023 World Cup, but let's not be demoralize

India lost the 2023 World Cup, but let's not be demoralize
India lost the 2023 World Cup, but let's not be demoralize

India played in the ICC Men's World Cup finals against Australia yesterday Sunday 19th November 2023.

The dreams of 1.4 billion Indians were shattered after Australia won the finals by six wickets in the fully packed 1,32,000-seated stadium.

The fans could be seen leaving as soon as they realized that India would lose the match. The outcome of the match was clear after the 25th Over of Australia's batting. 

At the post-match presentation, the captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma said, "The result has not gone our way. We were not good enough today.”

He was downhearted after the match, a case which was the same for all the 15 players of the Indian Cricket team for the 2023 ICC World Cup. 

“We tried everything but it wasn't supposed to be. 20-30 runs more would have been good, KL and Kohli were stitching a good partnership and we were looking at 270-280 but we kept losing wickets. When you have 240 on the board, you want to take wickets but credit to Head and Labuschagne who stitched together a big partnership and put us completely out of the game. We tried everything we could but I feel [the] wicket got slightly better to bat under lights. Don't want to give that as an excuse,” Rohit Sharma said. 

There also have been reports that an Indian fan from West Bengal committed suicide after the Indian team lost to Australia by 6 wickets. 

The incident occurred at 11 pm on Sunday (Nov 19) near the Cinema Hall in the Beliatore police station area, shortly after the result, the police said.

The deceased, Rahul Lunar, used to work at a clothing store in the area.

On Sunday, he decided to take leave to watch the final match. However, he could not overcome his emotions after India’s loss, and decided to end his life in his room, his brother-in-law Uttam Sur claimed, according to PTI news agency. However, it is unknown whether he died by hanging or by consuming poison. 

Australia won the toss and chose to field. The Indian team made 240 runs which is the lowest they had made in the 2023 ICC World Cup. K L Rahul made the most runs from the Indian side which was 66 in 107 balls, followed by Virat Kohli making 54 runs in 63 balls, and Rohit Sharma making 47 runs in 31 balls.

Only Rohit Sharma was able to score sixes from the Indian side. He scored 3 sixes and 4 fours. 

The Australian side completely dominated the field with Travis Head making 137 runs in 120 balls, the most runs in the whole match. He scored 4 sixes and 15 fours. 

India has not lost any of the previous played 9 matches and was sure to win the World Cup. Australia is a record six-time World Cup winner

The country stands with you today and always, underscored Prime Minister Narendra Modi shortly after India lost the Cricket World Cup final to Australia. 

"Dear Team India, Your talent and determination through the World Cup were noteworthy. You've played with great spirit and brought immense pride to the nation. We stand with you today and always," PM Modi, who was in Ahmedabad for the match, posted on X. 

"Congratulations to Australia on a magnificent World Cup victory! Theirs was a commendable performance through the tournament, culminating in a splendid triumph. Compliments to Travis Head for his remarkable game today," the PM said in another post.

While it is sad that our team lost the match, we should also remember matches are played to win and lose. We should remember about the sportsmanship. It has hurt a lot to the players who worked hard and trained for months keeping the World Cup in mind. They tried and reached the finals, it is a big accomplishment. 

Our players were sad, but they knew the basics of sports. They celebrated the victory of their rival and did not hold any grudge against them. 

It is important to remember winning doesn't matter, taking part in everything you have matters. The next World Cup will be played in 2027 which will be co-hosted by South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Let's hope we win next time. 



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