That Special Friend: Always Kind and Forgiving

That Special Friend: Always Kind and Forgiving
That Special Friend: Always Kind and Forgiving

"The world is a cruel place"

This statement cannot be more true in modern times. In the hustle and bustle of the streets of life, we meet a lot of strangers. There was a time when even strangers were respected and talked with the same tone as a family member, but the ravenous nature of humans has resulted in the loss of that centuries-old tradition. That was the time when kindness and mercy were seen as an attribute of God himself, but nowadays these fundamental natures of human beings have only been left to words rather than the deep and powerful emotions. "Change is the rule of nature" you will say, but the fundamental properties never change. They might be suppressed, but they are the building blocks, this truth will never change. "Not everyone is like that" You will say and yes that is true. I have witnessed one exception myself. It is you, my dearest friend, to whom I am dedicating this writing.

I remember a little more than a year ago you came to my tuition. You were a stranger to me, yet I could feel the aura of kindness from you. I did not talk to you first, because I did not see you of any use. When sir took our first test together I got to know your capabilities. "Another average one," I thought. Indeed, you were not good with studies, but that attitude-filled mind of mine could not understand that there are a lot of factors to determine a person's character and qualities. The transition from total strangers to regularly talking friends was so subtle that I can not even remember how or when it happened. What I can remember is how you helped me for the first time when I was sad after a bad day at school. "I just did what anybody else would do" You will say, and it is true that you just talked to me with no intention of helping out, but unknowingly that day you made me indebted to you. Your kind and calm voice - which I can still remember - was enough to ebb out all the worries from my mind. From that day, we started talking, not often but a friendship was starting to develop. Over this period you have done several favors for me and helped me in a way that no one ever had. You were the one who I wanted to talk to when I was sad. Your comforting voice was like nothing I had ever heard before. "Such a gentle tone; Such a soothing melody to the soul," I would say every time.

There have been a lot of instances when our friendship has made me sad, for I could not return the care and kindness that you have shown to me. I have also often made you sad, but you never said anything to me. I remember the time when your mother scolded you because of my mistake, but that time also you said with the same kindness that it was not my fault and I do not need to worry. 

Whenever I lie on the bed to sleep, I think about all those times you had helped and condoled me. "But I just talked to you," You will say and I must repeat that your voice brings me such comfort that no wine could bring to a man. Every syllable you utter is sweeter than the honey and every kind word from your mouth is no less than ambrosia for me. 

I had hurt you many times unknowingly and knowingly too. I had forgotten the deeds which you had done for me, the mercy which you had shown. You forgave me every time and I will repeat the mistake every time. Now when I write this essay, I realize that I am not worthy of you. As I reflect on our friendship, I am reminded of every act of kindness and care you have shown me and my inability to reciprocate in the same way, I am filled with sorrow for not being the friend you deserve. 

You are a treasure that many desire to have and I often time overlook your significance. You are a gift from God, sent into my life to make it brighter and less dreadful. 

I am and will be always thankful to you for everything you have done for me. You inspire me to be a better friend and a better person. I must tell you that even if we do not get the chance to meet in the future, you will always be close to me in my mind and my heart, and your kindness will always remind me of you. I am sorry that I am not the person that you deserve, that I am so much ungrateful that I cause distress and unhappiness to the same person who brings happiness to my life. 

In today's world, friends like you are rarer than astatine. To my dearest friend, I must say this: your kindness and forgiveness are beyond measure, and even though I cannot express it, your presence in my life is a treasure that I will always keep close to my heart.



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