What Superpower will I Choose: The Empowering Potential of Remorse Induction

What Superpower will I Choose
What Superpower Will I Choose?

Superpowers are the special abilities or powers the heroes or villains of a fictional book or in a movie have. These abilities make them different from the rest of the population. Superpowers have always been a source of inspiration and fascination for human minds. Whether it's super strength, the ability to fly, telekinesis, or shapeshifting, each superpower holds its unique significance. It's up to the wielder to decide whether to use their powers for the benefit of others or to sow chaos.

Since childhood, I wanted to become a hero. I wanted to help the elderly, children, and all those who are in trouble. I wanted to provide them relief, not only from the villains but also from the evils of the world and society. If I were chosen to help others and granted the ability to choose my superpower, my answer would have evolved over the years. In my younger years, I might have wished for super strength, while during my teenage years, I might have desired telekinesis or the power to read minds, but if the current me were to present the question, the answer would be the power to make people feel their guilt. I would call this power 'Remorse Induction.'. Remorse means Deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed, and Induction means the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something. While not as flashy or exhilarating as super strength or other abilities, when wielded correctly, it can be one of the most powerful. The power to induce feelings of guilt is inherently influential and commanding.

Everyone makes mistakes. We realize our mistakes with guilt. Initially, the mistakes are small. Some people feel the emotion of guilt and work towards not repeating the mistake again, but some suppress this emotion, and eventually, their mistakes take the form of crime. Guilt is a complicated emotion, and controlling it is exhausting. The crimes can be reduced by inciting guilt in a criminal's mind. The power to make the criminal experience their crime, till they feel their sin and what consequences it had brought upon the victim and his family, can revolutionize human society.

It's important to note that this power is non-lethal. It can help people understand the consequences of their actions and how others' feelings or lives may be impacted by their wrongdoings. The people will learn to be calm and not to discriminate based on race or origin, treating everyone as equal. Even if this power were to fall into the wrong hands, it cannot be easily misused. The source of the power is the feeling of empathy within me, which is fueled with positivity. Even in the wrong hands, Remorse Induction will only be used to make human society prosper.



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