141 Opposition MPs Suspended from the Indian Parliament

141 Opposition MPs Suspended from the Indian Parliament
141 Opposition MPs Suspended from the Indian Parliament

A total of 141 Member of Parliament of the opposition has been suspended for the rest of the session of the house in India. 

The reason for their suspension is unruly behavior and preventing the House from carrying out its proceedings.

The members of the opposition were protesting against the security breach in the Indian Parliament and asking the Home Minister, Amit Shah to explain why and how it all happened. 

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla refused as it is not the Central Government's duty to ensure the security of the Parliament. 

The members refused to accept the decision of the Speaker and started protesting and creating a ruckus inside the House. This restricted the house from carrying out its proceedings and led to the multiple adjournment of the house in a single day. 

There are many ways to showcase your disagreement with someone, but this is the worst way. The members are respected elected representatives by the people of India. They should maintain the discipline of the house. 

National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah, Congress leaders Shashi Tharoor and Karti Chidambaram, NCP's Supriya Sul,e and Samajwadi Party's Dimple Yadav are among the MPs suspended by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for disrupting proceedings today.

The Opposition MPs have been protesting in both Houses of Parliament over the massive security breach in Lok Sabha last week. They have been demanding that Union Home Minister Amit Shah address the Parliament on the security failure due to which two intruders entered the Lok Sabha chamber, jumped from desk to desk,  and released smoke from canisters.

The Lok Sabha Speaker has maintained that any security-related incident in the House comes under the purview of the secretariat, and it will not let thcenterre intervene. "The government cannot intervene in (responsibilities of) Lok Sabha secretariat. We will not allow that either," he said last week.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview with Dainik Jagran newspaper, described the security breach as a "very serious" matter and said it should be probed. He has, however, said there is no need for a debate on this.

The spree of suspensions began last week. A day after the security breach, Opposition MPs started demanding a statement by the Home Minister. Thirteen Lok Sabha MPs and one Rajya Sabha MP were suspended on the grounds of unrubehaviorour. Yesterday, the Opposition MPs resumed their protest. This led to a record 79 suspensions across both Houses. Today's 49 add to the spree.

Out of these 141 MPs, most have been suspended for the remainder of the session, while some await a report by the privileges committee on their conduct in the House.

The Opposition MPs have been protesting against their suspension on Parliament premises.

Responding to the latest round of suspensions, Congress MP Jairam Ramesh said in a post on X that a "complete purge is being executed so that draconian Bills are passed without any meaningful debate". He alleged that the suspension spree is also aimed at shielding the BJP MP whose office had facilitated the entry of two Parliament intruders.

"The new Parliament reflecDemocracyacy in all its tyranny,". Mr Ramesh, one of the suspended MPs, added in his post.

Today's suspensions came after Opposition members raised slogans and some of them came to the Well of the House. Many of the MPs waved placards and some carried a morphed picture of Prime Minister Modi. The Speaker said it was against the rules to bring placards into the House.

"This House belongs to you. We all have decided that no one will bring placards inside the House. But you have come here with placards. Even you have come to the podium. Is it correct? Please go back to your seat. I am giving you a last warning," he said.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said all MPs, at the time of the inauguration of the new Parliament building, had resolved not to come to the Well. He demanded action against the MPs carrying the Prime Minister's morphed picture.

"Both the buildings are under the Speaker's purview. We are following the Speaker's order. A high inquiry is going on. Saying that we will not allow the House to function ... they (opposition) should behave responsibly," he said.

Some people have taken to X to criticize the Government and the ruling party for this and spread the false narrative that Democracy is failing in India. These people should know that the individual is responsible for his actions and not anyone else. Only weak people will blame someone else for their failure while the Smart ones will learn and improve. 



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