Chinese President Xi says that reunification of Taiwan is inevitable


President Xi claims Taiwan's reunification is inevitable
President Xi claims Taiwan's reunification is inevitable

The reunification of Taiwan is inevitable, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech given on Tuesday.

In the speech, he reiterated the Chinese claim on the self-ruled Island. 

It is important to note here that Taiwan is a democracy while China is ruled by a Communist regime, known as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) of which Xi Jinping is the Leader, making him the President of the second-largest economy which is seeing a downfall recently. 

The self-ruled island country of Taiwan is having its Presidential election next month.

“The realization of the complete reunification with the motherland is an inevitable course of development, is righteous and what the people want. The motherland must and will be reunified,” Xi said in an address marking the 130th anniversary of People’s Republic of China founder Mao Zedong’s birth.

Xi Jinping who is the most powerful dictator of China since Mao Zedong has pledged to reunite Taiwan with China. Taking control of Taipei is the most important goal of the Xi Jinping-led Communist Government. 

The elections in Taiwan have always made it to the headlines in China and other countries globally. 

The Chinese citizens are not blessed with the privilege of having an election for themselves so they have a keen interest in the elections in Taiwan.

Different leaders of different political parties in Taiwan have different viewpoints on the relations with China. 

Taiwan elections are so important for the Chinese Communist regime that according to some sources, they have tried to change the outcome of the elections but so far have badly failed to do so. 

The Taiwanese Government has claimed numerous times that the Chinese regime in mainland China tries to spread its influence during the election seasons. The claims are backed by the data and reports of various Intelligence Agencies, including those of the United States.

The relationship between China and Taiwan was badly affected this year as China has numerous times tried to exert its pressure and dominance over its neighbors. China has put military, economic, and political pressure on Taiwan. This shows how desperate is Xi Jinping and how much he is under pressure to claim the island. 

China has also put pressure on Taiwan when the current President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen tried to cultivate and strengthen the unofficial relationship between Taiwan and the United States. 

Tsai’s successor candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party, Vice President Lai Ching-te, is leading in the polls and is openly loathed by Chinese officials.

Lai is ahead of two other candidates – Hou Yu-ih from the Kuomintang Party and Ko Wen-je from the Taiwan People’s Party – who are seen as favoring closer relations with Beijing.

China’s Communist Party claims Taiwan as its territory, despite never having controlled it. Chinese officials say they aim for peaceful “reunification” but have not ruled out using force to take control of the island.

“(We must) promote peaceful development of cross-strait ties, and resolutely prevent anyone from separating Taiwan from China in any way,” Xi said in his speech Tuesday, in an apparent veiled warning not just to those in Taipei but also in Washington.

Taiwan has emerged as one of the thorniest issues in US-China relations. During a summit in San Francisco last month, Xi told US President Joe Biden that China’s “reunification” with Taiwan is “unstoppable,” according to China’s Foreign Ministry.

In August 2022 when then-US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was hosted by Tsai during a visit to Taiwan, China surrounded the island for days with extensive military exercises and cut off high-level military communication with the US armed forces.

That channel was only reopened last week, following more than a year of careful diplomacy, including the Xi-Biden summit.

The US maintains an unofficial relationship with Taiwan and upholds a “One China” policy.

Under the policy, the US acknowledges China’s position that Taiwan is part of China, but Washington has never officially recognized Beijing’s claim to the island of 23 million. It is also bound by law to provide the democratic island with the means to defend itself.

Taipei and Beijing’s contested relationship goes back to 1949 when General Chiang Kai-shek fled with his nationalist forces to Taiwan after Mao’s Red Army gained the upper hand in the Chinese Civil War.

In his speech Tuesday, Xi called for China’s citizens to “never forget” Mao and the Communist Party’s “original aspiration and founding mission and … remain confident in our history and grasp the historical initiative, to steadily advance the great cause of Chinese modernization.”

China should understand that Taiwan is a democratic country and it should remember that no matter what Taiwan will never unite with China. 

One China is nothing but a Communist dream that is not possible.

If China tries to take any military action against Taiwan, it will see the wrath of the world. The Chinese economy will crumble as a result of multiple sanctions. 



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