Forget Preface

In the quiet corners of introspection and the echoes of shared moments, the verses of "Forget" emerged as a contemplative exploration of the intricate dance between love, friendship, and the inevitable passage of time. These words, penned by Mayank Vikash, transcend the boundaries of mere poetry to become a reflection of the universal human experience.

As the author, Mayank shares a piece of his soul within these lines, drawing inspiration from the tapestry of his own journey through relationships, both fleeting and enduring. "Forget" is more than a collection of verses; it is a chronicle of emotions woven into the fabric of existence. It is an offering, an intimate glimpse into the complexities that shape our connections and influence the way we navigate the labyrinth of our hearts.

May these verses resonate with you, dear reader, in moments of joy, reflection, and, perhaps, in the bittersweet embrace of letting go. Mayank Vikash extends an invitation to explore the emotional landscapes within these pages, allowing the poems to serve as companions on your own voyage through the tapestry of life.

—Mayank Vikash



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