Life Update: I am on leave from school for studies

Life Update: I am on leave from school for studies
Life Update: I am on leave from school for studies

Exams are an important part of a student's life and in India, Std. 10 examinations hold a prestigious position in the people's mind. 

Before giving my main Std. 10 Council Examinations in February 2024, my school will take Pre-Boards Exams, keeping in mind the format of the Boards Examination strictly. 

I have my Pre-Boards starting from the 16th of December with Maths as my first exam. With 11 days left, I have no preparation at all. 

I am not going to school to prepare for the exams at home, and in so many days I have done some preparation. 

Most of my time is spent on the phone and scrolling through the Internet.

I have decided not to work on any stories for the website for the time being, but I am still holding my phone most days. 

Starting today, I will study with all my might. I promised someone to score more than 95% marks. While the target seems very hard, seeing I scored barely 80% marks overall. 

I will focus on Maths. Today I learned something so difficult for me before.

I learned the Construction chapter thoroughly and spent a significant amount of my time watching videos related to it and reconstructing the example exercises. 

Life is a bit sad right now, I will update you on it later. I have 7 minutes left before my batch starts at tuition. I will update my sir with my progress. He has also been pretty disappointed seeing my performance in my studies. 

I have lots of syllabus for my maths exam and after that I have Physics. I also forgot the previous syllabus so I have to restart it all again. I have so much to do right now and a bundle of topics to study and revise.

I will be super de-active on the site and I am sure Google is not going to like it. 

Today, after coming from tuition I am planning to stay up most of the night and complete the Similarity chapter of my Maths syllabus. I will also read history. 

And from tomorrow, I promise myself that I will limit my phone usage to almost zero. 

That's all I have to say right now. I will keep posting something here so the site does not become dead.



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