My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December

My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December
My Pre-Boards are starting in 3 days from 16th December

(In the picture above, I can be seen solving Chapter 1 GST from my ICSE Std 10 ML Aggarwal book in my tuition notebook with a pencil)

Exams are one of the very few things that make even the most arrogant teenager wet his pants. 

I don't really "love" exams as some nerds do, but I also don't hate them. I somehow always succeed in scoring good marks despite my average preparations and little effort. 

Most of my peers indeed get pressured exams and they think, "Now, I am only gonna study and do nothing else."

My father doesn't agree with this kind of treatment for the examinations. He always says, "Never study for an exam because examinations are conducted on what you have studied."

I have my maths pre-boards in 3 days. I am doing a little bit of preparation and somehow I  am still not serious. 

I have 20 chapters in the book and I have still a few left untouched. 

"What, are you saying something about Locus? Is that even a chapter? Oh shit. It is a chapter"

This is me. I didn't even know about this chapter until recently a friend told me about it. 

I am staying awake tonight to complete the syllabus.

I have my English class in 1 hour so I am gonna leave now.

Today I had my tuition classes in the morning. I solved the 2023 ICSE council paper and my other 2 friends did their revisions. 

The council paper was very easy, but I don't know about the school paper. It can be quite tough compared to the council one and I fear getting low marks.

Last time, I could have solved every question right in the 2nd terminal maths paper, but I made some silly mistakes and because of that I only got 63/80 which is 83/100. 

This time I am going to be super careful and I am not repeating my old mistakes again. 



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