Working women make better mothers

Working women make better mothers
Working women make better mothers

Humans are one of the best creations of God. He created men and women with different bodies and purposes. It is a common belief among people that men are tough and women are delicate, so men should go out and earn a living for the family while women should stay at home and look after the family. It is wrong. Both are created equally with equal talents and potential. In this essay, I will write in support of the statement, "Working women make better mothers."

Women are bestowed a special gift by God. The ability to give birth. This makes them special and in some cases better than men, but it has become a common belief in some orthodox societies that giving birth is their sole purpose. These societies restrict them from being financially independent and having a job. We should understand that women are special and more capable. Working mothers are financially autonomous so they can make decisions that are best for their children without thinking about depending on someone else to fulfill it. They are better at time management and can teach this important aspect of life to their children. They can be a role model for their children and can teach them how to live through the hardest times of life. A working mother is highly educated and she can prevent their child from learning the old cliches of society. 

Working women have taken a big challenge and we should appreciate their efforts and diligence. They have the potential to change the old beliefs of society and give a sharp reply to those who criticize and make fun of women with their misogynist ideologies. It is important to also educate the people in the rural areas where these ideas are prevalent and make them understand the importance of women and daughters and their impact on society. 



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