Chemistry PreBoards Exam Tomorrow


Chemistry Ch 12E Alcohols
Chemistry Ch 12E Alcohols
Tomorrow on 4th January 2024 I have my chemistry pre-board examinations.

In the 2nd terminal, I performed far below expectations, but this time I have made sure that is not going to happen. 

I have practiced numerals, done all the mole concepts, and also memorized the values and the important formulas.

My preparation is going quite well and I have aimed to try to score full marks this time. 

I am currently doing the Organic Chemistry part E, Alcohols. 

I have remembered all the preparations, and the names of the processes used and I am quite confident that I can make the reactions on my own so I am not memorizing them. 

It is 9:08 pm at the time of writing and I have only the theory part left to complete which I am gonna complete before sleeping. 

After Chemistry I have biology and then English Literature. 

I will not be able to post anything for these 3 days on the site. 

I also wasn't able to get time to post a new year article. 

I have decided to maintain a daily study log on my website from Saturday. I hope that I can improve myself if I keep recording my actions. 



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