Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony: PM Modi Completes Rituals


Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony: PM Modi Completes Rituals
Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony: PM Modi Completes Rituals

Today, 22nd January 2024 is the day when the long-awaited Ram Mandir was set to be inaugurated in the Lord Ram's capital, Ayodhya.

The temple holds emotional value for millions of Hindus residing in and outside India. 

The magnificent temple has the idol of 5-year-old Lord Ram residing in its sanctum sanctorum.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today arrived at Ayodhya to lead the Pran Pratishtha of the temple which is the result of a 50-year-long struggle of his party, the BJP. 

Back in 1991, PM Modi vowed to set foot on the sacred lands of Ayodhya again only when the construction of Ram Mandir will begin. The PM kept his word. 

Today is a very important day for Hindus all over the world as Lord Ram will reside in his capital again after almost 500 years. 

The previous Ram Mandir which was built on the land where Lord Ram was born, was demolished by Mir Baqi, commander of the Mughal emperor, Babur on the order of the Mughal ruler to build Babri Masjid. 

According to various sources, thousands of Rajpoot warriors and local men lost their lives while fighting the Mughal forces sent to demolish the temple in the holy land. 

This was the year 1529 when Lord Ram was forcefully removed from his throne in his capital by evil Islamic rulers. 

Since then there have been several struggles by Hindus to reclaim the land but Muslims appeased the British Government and later Congress did not allow it. 

In the year 2003, ASI begins excavating land underneath a disputed site under Allahabad High Court orders. It claimed that remnants of a 10th-century Hindu temple.

In 2019 after hundreds of years finally, the Hindus got what they had fought for and shed their blood for. The Supreme Court constitutes a five-judge Bench to hear cases. The apex court ruled in favor of the Hindu side, paving the way for the construction of the Ram Temple at the disputed site. The top court also directed the Centre to allot an alternative five-acre plot to the Sunni Waqf Board for building a mosque at a prominent place in Ayodhya.

In 2020, the Union Cabiapprovedoves the setting up of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra trust to manage the construction of the temple.

And then PM Modi laid the foundation stone by laying a 40-kg silver brick in the same year on 5th August 2020.

It took 3 years for the temple's construction to be completed, which came to an end in December of 2023. 

Today is the day it is believed that Lord Ram took birth and also is the day when after 500 years He returns to his capital.

Here are some facts about the Ram Mandir. 

The construction of the temple cost 1800 crore rupees which was mostly donated by the public and the construction was overseen by Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust.

A very talented sculptor from Karnataka, Arun Yogiraj sculpted the idol of Ram Lalla.

Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra's general secretary, Champat Rai, said the construction plan was discussed with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) over 15 years ago. The construction agency had promised to build the temple.

Total Area: 2.7 acres

Total Built-up Area: 57,400 sq. ft.

The total length of the temple: is 360 feet

Total width of the temple: 235 feet

The total height of the temple including the peak:161 feet

Total number of floors: 3

Height of each floor: 20 feet

Number of columns on the ground floor of the temple: 160

Number of columns on the first floor of the temple: 132

Number of columns on the second floor of the temple: 74

Number of peaks and pavilions in the temple: 5

Number of gates in the temple: 12

There have been various other contributions made by devotees to the temple which include various expensive statues, gold jewelry, and other valuable items. 

For today's auspicious ceremony, more than 7000 prominent figures have been invited which includes Business Tycoons like Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, and others. The list also includes prominent actors and actresses, political figures, and the Hindu victims of the massacre carried out by radical Muslim groups. 

It's an honor to witness such a divine event. I wished to be there as soon as I got the chance. Last night, I wasn't even able to sleep as I was excited and overcome by emotions. I lack words to describe the extraordinary feelings that I am experiencing. I may not be fortunate enough to be present in the sacred lands of Ayodhya at this auspicious ceremony, but I will celebrate the return of my Lord Ram from here. 



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