Write a composition describing the changes that you observed in yourself as compared to your childhood. Which among these are positive and which you would like to remain the same?

Changes that you observed in yourself as compared to your childhood
Changes that you observed in yourself as compared to your childhood

Change is an inevitable aspect of life - the law of nature. It is a force that shapes and moulds our lives. From the moment we enter this world as wide-eyed children to the complex beings we become in adulthood, our journey is marked by a series of transformations. These changes - whether they are subtle or profound - play a pivotal role in defining our identity and shaping how we navigate the world around us. The changes which we go through during our lifetime develop us mentally, physically, and emotionally. It influences our perspectives, personality, and response to the various challenges presented by life.

I am no exception to this crucial rule of nature. During my lifetime, I have gone through several changes. Some changes were positives, while others were negatives; some left a massive impact on me, and some were too subtle to notice. One of the prominent changes which I went through was to open up to everyone. I could recall that I was always a shy child who was talkative at home but quiet to others. Now, I have learned how to talk and how much to talk. I was not very sincere as a child, but now I can admit that I can practice this vital ability without much effort. 

Since childhood, I have been an open-minded person. I have also been curious to learn new things. I would want these qualities of mine to remain constant. I have a habit of finding joy in small things, and this nature has helped me in numerous difficult situations. Being happy no matter how bad the situation gets and always ready to give my all efforts to the demanding times is also a quality of mine that I would never give up. I love to be kind to everyone around me and care for them. I like putting a smile on their faces and easing their stress.

The list of my habits is beyond the limit that my brain can recall at the moment of writing. I have various traits that most people can consider as positive ones. From the list of thousands of qualities, my curiosity to know and learn about new things and delve deep into the topics which I find interesting is my favourite quality. Because of my curiosity to learn new things, I learned programming and website design when I was younger. I liked designing, and my interest in tech topics compelled me to create this website where I regularly share my learnings with others.

Changes are frequent in our lives. We go through numerous changes every day. This makes it essential for us to differentiate between the changes, which are positives and which are negatives. We should only allow those changes that will make us a better person than we were yesterday. We should always work hard to make the world a better and more peaceful place to live in with our contributions. It is also necessary for us to open our hearts and welcome the transformations that come to us. Change is a fascinating aspect of our lives, and there is no living or dead being till now that can escape it. Therefore, we should respect and be happy about every change that occurs in our lifetime or has a major or minor impact on our lives directly or indirectly because every incident is crucial for moulding us to become perfect beings.



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