13th February 2024: Made Red Background in Adobe Illustrator

13th February 2024: Made Red Background in Adobe Illustrator
13th February 2024: Made Red Background in Adobe Illustrator

As I said in an earlier post, I have been upskilling my digital art-making skills to make new illustrations for my website easily. The illustration shown above is one of the most recent of my art pieces. It is not that good that it can amass appreciation from many people, but it is at least good enough that I thought of posting it on the website. 

It took me around 30 minutes to make this background, and I will never use it again. But it was a good memory and it indeed helped me learn a new thing or two. From now on, I will try to make a digital illustration each day and post it here on the site so that I can showcase my terrible artwork with you all. 

I have found a new interest in making digital illustrations nowadays and I feel like I am in a completely different space that is separated from our real world. When I am working on drawing a new illustration and unleashing my creativity, it feels like time is passing like when I am watching an interesting show or an anime.

I was able to learn the usage of the Pen tool while drawing this illustration. I also used a smooth tool to curve the rough lines of the pen tool. Initially, I was planning on making a house and blue sky scenery but then I deleted the house and changed the colour of the sky from light sky blue to light red and then I removed the house from the artboard and then instead of its blank space, I put a little darker red and finally at the very bottom I used a dark red colour.

I then used the warp tool to make those hill-like structures in the middle of the illustration and was able to get these beautiful curves and blends, but the overall image is skill-terrible and I would like to practise more so that I can use these tools and my creativity to bring out a real masterpiece. 

I am also following YouTube videos for inspiration the inspiration for these childish illustrations was completely my own. For the next illustration, I am still thinking of making a background but I will make the changes in colors more subtle and try to make it a little bit more beautiful.


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